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Published Jun 3, 2013 in Education
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Unit 9 bust

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

America in the 1930’s

Tough times
This is a time that will define America for the 20th century
The 1920’s were a boom
Everyone was getting rich
America was getting too carried away with riches
Credit is the problem and there is no saving
Like today!

Stock market crash
America almost collapses within
The problem was with the banks
People started taking all their money out
Again, like today!

US confidence
The United States has lost confidence in the banks
Unemployment goes up to 12%
Many lost their homes

The Hoover Dam
The US reacted by huge building projects
Publicly supported and privately built
This helped create jobs and energy
Finished in 1936

The United States is a story about overcoming adversity and succeeding even in hard times

Las Vegas
Created near the Hoover Dam
Many workers would go there to get some relaxation and fun
The Hoover Dam supplies water to Las Vegas even today

Environmental disaster
Dust storms across the country
They affect New York, Boston and the whole East Coast
They started in Oklahoma and Texas
Plowing and poor farming caused the dirt to be no good
Also, a drought (no water) caused the great dust cloud

The Dust Bowl
Out west, there is now no water and just dust
The dust cloud grows and covers the mid west
Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, etc…
This destroyed the lives of so many living on farms out west

Moving East
After the dust bowl
Many are leaving and heading to the East
Some families stay yet have very little

Radios are now becoming more common
Now, the whole country can stay connected by radio
News, weather, sports, etc…

Mt. Rushmore
American built monument honoring four famous presidents
Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt
The world’s largest monument
Called “the American Pyramids”
Dynamite was used to blast the rock

The 1930’s saw the most unemployment in the history of the US
12% unemployment in the 1930s
Today, there is around 7% which is still high
Most years, unemployment is about 4-5%
Only World War 2 would bring the US out of the depression

Germany is growing and expanding
The Nazi party has taken over and is helping Germany succeed
Hitler comes to power
Hitler hates America- he said America’s weakness was that they freed their slaves
The world will go to war at the end of the 1930’s
America will not enter the war at first…

A war the end all wars
As the 1930’s end, the world is at war
The fight is one of ideas:
1. The fascism and Nazism of Germany and Italy
2. The capitalism and democracy of the United States and Britain

World War 2
A turning point for the whole world, not just the United States
Next time…