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Published Apr 5, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Two Americas

North and South
The southern United States had cotton
The Northern States had industry (the industrial revolution)

The great division?
States rights vs. Government rights

Erie canal
300 miles long
The biggest construction endeavor ever in history at that time
Chinese and Irish workers were used to dig and use explosives
Very dangerous work
Will link the Atlantic ocean to middle America

Erie canal
Now the middle part of america can get supplies and grow
Towns and cities grow very fast

Cotton in the south
Grown in the south because of the warm weather
Used for clothes and cloth
Difficult to separate the cotton from the seeds
Important!!!! The cotton gin is invented and cotton is massed produced
Slaves are used on cotton plantations

Many were getting rich off of poor slaves in the south
Britain has already outlawed slavery but in America, slavery is important for the southern economy
Later a war would be fought over slavery
This was the main division for the USA

Power loom
This machine helped make cotton clothing very fast
Cotton in the south and industry in the north
Even young children would work in these factories
Women earn money for the first time in the States
But it is a hard life, they were paid $2 a week

Looms to silicon valley
The loom started the idea of binary numbers
These punch cards and numbers would lead to the innovation of the computer in the 20th century
From 1850-2013
From the loom to Apple and Samsung

The underground railroad
Slaves in the south would escape and go “underground” to flee to the northern states
It was a very dangerous journey
If they were caught, they could be put to death
Harriet Tubman- helped slaves to escape to the north (1850s)

The states are considering war
This is a fight for basic beliefs
To own slaves or to let all men have freedom as the founders intended
It was a moral, political and economic issue

Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stow
A novel about slavery
Second in sales only to the Bible
Stirred the fire of division

John Brown
Wanted to abolish slavery
He thinks he is God’s chosen to end slavery
The south considered him a terrorist
He would kill to end slavery
Harper’s Ferry- 1859
John Brown captures a federal arsenal (weapons)
He would eventually fail but it stirred the fire of division
He would be executed in 1859

America is Divided
A war is coming
It will be a war between a slave South and a free North

Good news
Abraham Lincoln is elected president in 1861
He is against slavery
The south hates him
The north supports him
It will be the final push that will plunge the states into civil war

The south secedes
The south decides to break away from the United States
Soon several states become their own nation: The Confederate States of America
Lincoln looked to do two things:
1. Save the union of states
2. Stop slavery

Civil War
Next week
The deadliest war in American History