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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

America 1910-1929

the wealthiest
America will be the richest nation on earth
Thanks to oil
Oil was found in Texas
“black gold”
It is difficult to get the oil out of the ground

Whale oil
Whales have been hunted almost to extinction
The good news is, oil saved them
People now use crude oil for fuel instead of coal
This is how America became so rich

Oil production
500 oil companies are started in the early 20th century
A barrel of oil use to cost $2.00 to .03 cents
It now costs less than water
Now, individuals can drive across the country

The car
Henry Ford starts to build cars
He is the first to use an assembly line
This allowed anyone to buy a car for a reasonable price

The assembly line
1. fast
2. all items are the same
3. cheap prices
4. many people can work

The Model T
The first car that regular people can afford
Also, now there are car salesmen
Eventually, most Americans will own at least one car

Los Angeles
Very large city and people want land up in the hills
Mansions are built due to movies and movie stars
“Hollywood” sign is created
The movie industry is born in Hollywood, California
LA is the fastest growing city in the world
But there is a problem…

LA lacks water
The mountains block the rain from the coast
It is almost a desert
The solution was to build aqueducts to bring the water from the mountains to the city
This also made the growing of crops easier

The great migration
Many black people left the south and went north
Summer, 1919- segregation begins
This is still a division between whites and blacks
White people were afraid to lose their jobs and houses to black people
Separate areas for white people and black people (colored)

America and racial tension
America is still having problems with racism
The nation is polarized even in the cities
There was a race riot in Chicago in 1919
38 people die
Riots are in 28 other cities as well
This is called “separate but equal”

Billy Sunday
The cities are places for new things
Billy Sunday is a Christian preacher who thinks alcohol is ruining America
Alcohol leads to:
1. Men beating women
2. Bad workers
3. Poor studying at universities
4. Alcohol related disease and death

The 18th amendment
The 18th amendment to the constitution
Prohibited the sale and drinking of alcohol
January 16, 1919
Called “Prohibition”
One good thing: many are drinking less and being better husbands and worker
One bad thing: it is creating criminals of many Americans

Organized crime was a result of prohibition
The most famous was Al Capone
He makes and sells illegal alcohol
He is the top criminal in Chicago
The police are called “The untouchables” because they could do anything to catch Capone

Prohibition ends
Because of the problems, alcohol is now legal again
The 18th amendment is repealed

The United States is wealthy however, there is still the problem of racial tension and crime
This will eventually lead the US to a very dark time
Next class… the great depression of the 1930s