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Unit 3 westward

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Heading Westward
American character

Colonies become a nation

Daniel Boone
One of the first explorers out west
Searching for gold and riches
Fought the British who outlawed people from going west
He was good at survival

Dangers of the west
No law
No food
Extremely isolated
Terrible weather
No towns or cities

Lewis and Clarke
May, 1804
Famous explorers
Had to cross the Great Rocky Mountains
Sacagawea Indian helped save the expedition
They reach the Pacific in 1805

Fur is valuable
Beaver fur is a luxury
There are millions of them in America
They are sold in Europe where beavers are almost extinct

Jedediah Smith
Famous American frontiersman
Was great at hunting
The west is now open for business
Attacked by a bear and almost killed

Religious freedom
Mormons, baptists, presbyterians, etc… move out west
They can walk 10 miles a day
They go through hundreds of shoes
Families are starting to move out west

Donner Party
Attempted to cross the Rocky Mountains
Got snowed in and could not make it to the pacific
They had to eat each other (cannibalism)
Some survived

Texas and Mexico fought for the state of Texas
The Alamo was the most famous battle
America lost at the Alamo
But the famous saying, “Remember the Alamo!” was started
This helped America win Texas

Many went out to California to find gold
Miner 49er
Many, many went out west but very few found gold
“gold fever”
Even Chinese and Mexicans went out west for gold

Houses were log cabins
The forest provided all materials
Disease is everywhere
This is where Abraham Lincoln grew up
The west is starting to get settled in only 4 generations
Forests are cleared and towns are starting to grow
Farmland is being created daily

Forced relocation of Native Indians
“Trail of Tears”
One of the worst parts of American History
Not all agreed with this policy from the US government