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Published Jun 3, 2013 in Education
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Unit 7 Cities

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

America from the late 19th century to the early 20th century

Vertical cities
America begins construction of skyscrapers
Now that America has come together (North, south, east and west) it begins to grow at an accelerated rate
Cities are getting too crowded so the answer is to build up
There are some problems to this (explain later)

Statue of Liberty
Given by France to the USA as a gift to celebrate the 100 years since the Declaration of Independence
Symbolizes freedom in the new world
Was almost not constructed but donations provided the money
Joseph Pulitzer helped raise the money to construct the statue

New Immigrants
People are coming to America from all over the world
They will arrive in New York at a place called Ellis Island
Irish, Russians, Germans, Scandinavians, Italians, etc…
Population growth is amazing
Cities are getting BIG!

STEEL is needed
To build buildings over 5 stories tall, we need steel
Steel is very expensive and difficult to make
Andrew Carnegie is an entrepreneur who tries to mass produce steel to be used in constructing skyscrapers
He is successful and becomes very rich- cities can now be constructed at a very fast pace

The Gilded age
There are many who are becoming rich in creating cities
However, there are also those who are very poor
The middle class has yet to be defined (later in the 1950s through the 1980s)

A dangerous job
People who build skyscrapers are called “roughnecks”
They work at dangerous heights
No bathroom breaks
They ate and even slept at the top of the buildings
They did it because they could earn more money

Cities bring new challenges
Crime is on the increase
3rd degree- physical pain to get a criminal to talk
Also the first time photos are used – “mug shots” still used today

Cities bring new challenges
Poor people
Slum life is photographed for the first time
So people can see the poor and how they live in dirt
Many died because of the poor conditions
So the wealthy could see how they are living and help

Cities bring new challenges
Disease is everywhere because of sewage and horse manure
It is disgusting but it is everywhere and on every street of new york
The answer was to clean up the streets and the creation of sewers helped reduce the disease (1909)

The great invention
Thomas Edison (1879)
Menlo Park, New Jersey
He invented the light bulb
One of the greatest inventions of the modern era
This will make it possible to work even throughout the night without the use of dangerous fire

One last problem
Cites had so many buildings with so many people, a disaster could happen
A fire happened in New York that killed 146 people – mostly young girls
1911 in a factory that made shirts
This led to changes in how buildings are made (more safety)
The worst workplace disaster until September 11, 2001