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Published Jul 20, 2013 in Sports
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Best of Texas - NBA Edition

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Best of the State:
NBA Edition

Texas #3
3. Dallas Mavericks:
Mark Cuban’s “sign a superstar” idea didn’t work. Last season they missed out on Deron Williams, this time they missed out on Dwight Howard. He even let them know first he wasn’t coming and missed out on those free chicken fingers. Instead of a superstar they got Monta Ellis. Ellis isn’t a bad player; he’s just not much of an upgrade over the departed OJ Mayo. They haven’t made any other impact moves and already looked like straight garbage last season. Things aren’t looking too good for the Mavs, it’s about time to rebuild. Maybe try and draft a superstar for Dirk to pass the torch to because the stars just aren’t coming through free agency.

Texas #2
2. Houston Rockets:
The Rockets are definitely having a great summer. They beat everyone out and signed Dwight Howard, which is kind of a big deal. They already got James Harden who can flat out ball, Chandler Parsons is one of the best up and coming small forwards and Jeremy Lin can have a Linsanity moment and anytime. Plus it’s a added bonus that all the Rockets legendary bigs will be helping Dwight out with his game. The Rockets are definitely coming for the top teams right now. I think they are a piece or two away from being able to win it all. They do need to go ahead and trade Omar Asik to avoid problems, a stretch power forward would be ideal. Regardless of what everyone says about Howard’s decision, this was the best move for him. He wants to win and the Rockets can do just that, but there is one team that could have given him the best chance at winning.

Texas’ Best of the State

1. San Antonio Spurs:
One thing I learned as a small child was to never ever ever count the Spurs out. They have pretty much been contenders since I can remember. They do everything right, literally. Every offseason move works out for them, the players they draft always produce for them and they have three superstars. They went all the way to game 7 with the Miami Heat and if it weren’t for a few plays they would of won the whole thing. Age means nothing for them and their ageless superstars. I really think Dwight Howard should of taken his talents to San Antonio, he definitely would get a ring there, but I think Tony Parker and the boys will be just fine without him. One day Tim Duncan will eventually retire and I have a strong feeling the Spurs will still be the top team in Texas.