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Published Jul 20, 2013 in Sports
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Best of the State of New York - NBA Edition

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Best of the State:
New York

New York #2
2. New York Knicks:
If the Nets would of stood put and not made any moves the Knicks would be number one but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The Knicks are still a top team in the East but they have a few problems. I have no clue why in the hell they traded for Andrea Bargnani but he’s in New York now. When I think of him all I can think of is the way Avery Johnson said “Bargnani” on the Association with the Brooklyn Nets. He’s definitely not the answer for the Knicks and neither is Amare Stoudamire. I feel sorry for Amare, when he first came to New York he was so nice, he lead the team and they looked like a good up and coming team. Ever since Carmelo Anthony came, Stoudamire has looked like straight garbage. It’s sad because he’s a good player but Amare and Melo just don’t work together. Last season they made history by being the oldest team ever in league history and just like I thought most of those old heads are gone, like retired gone. The Knicks do have two of my favorite players in J.R. Smith and Metta World Peace but it’s just not enough to be the best of the state.

Hello Brooklyn!
New York’s Best of State

Brooklyn Nets:
I’m usually the last one to give the Brooklyn Nets credit but damn they got a team. The starting 5 that they can put on the floor is amazing. Deron Williams at the point, Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce on the wings, and Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez in the paint, that’s deadly. I still have my doubts as we seen a similar situation like this go down last season (look at the Lakers) and it didn’t go down as many thought. Still I think that this can really work out and they’ve been rounding out a pretty good bench. They have the star power now and great players to back it up. Deron Williams is a top point guard and if he plays like it we might have a real problem. Unless all those old men get injured (which is a huge possibility) the Nets will be doing some big things in Brooklyn. The crazy part is they got two of the biggest pieces from the Celtics for pretty much Gerald Wallace and fillers. Crazy.