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7 slides - Responsive Devices ClipArt for PowerPoint

Published Oct 27, 2014 in Design
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Responsive Devices ClipArt for PowerPoint is creative Flat Design Presentation containing different responsive design devices ClipArt. This presentation is ideal to complement existing decks or modernize your marketing brochures. It contains the following devices:


For each device there is a Slide version of the ClipArt and a Iconized Version. All the clipart are 100% editable. They are created as PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to fully customize their properties (size, color, appearance, effects, etc.)

Microsoft PowerPoint ClipArt are very powerful for metaphors or to summarize concepts. Across time, presenters decide more and more that words and phrasing in their presentations makes the audience engage with reading instead with the speech. This trend is opening eyes to presenters that their presentations need to be more visual, and less readable. The ClipArt and iconized view makes the audience think with the speech and retain the information mapping it to the image they are seeing.

Create outstanding presentations with PowerPoint Shapes and impress your audience with presentations that appeal to global audiences.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Responsive Devices ClipArt for PowerPoint This is a sample text. Insert your desired text here.

Responsive Design on Desktop

Responsive Design on Laptop

Responsive Design on Tablet

Responsive  Design on Smartphone

Responsive Media for PowerPoint This is a sample text. Insert your desired text here.