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Published Apr 21, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Multibeauty Business Adviser
Mr. Lo Jimmy

Do you want to live your life in the environment surrounded with CO2 emission and buried in plastic bags?
Or, we can choose to live in a clean environment like these.
You can make the call!

Release global warming gas
When plastics is burned, it releases high amount of heat and CO2. CO2 is known to be a powerful global warming gas, a main cause of global warming effect.
Global warming effect is causing climate changes across the globe. More sea water gets evaporated by higher temperature which leads to heavier rainfall and stronger storms. Furthermore, higher temperature also causes droughts in many areas, creating food shortage and soaring food prices, resulting in global food crisis.


Cause death to wild animals
Discarded plastic bags can get eaten by wild animals and cause death. Animal death can also be caused when animals get trapped by plastic bags or lines. There are estimated millions of wild animal death cause by plastic bags each year.

Garbage piles up the mountain
(Almost of the plastic bags)
We do not want
become like that!

International trends in environmental protection
◎Europe: according to IPTS study pointed out that in 2012 the EU will be promulgated {limit with the general PE plastic bag policy} directive, biodegradable plastics will be positive and a wide range of applications, in order to reduce global warming and the greenhouse effect.

◎Vietnam: Vietnamese National Assembly formulating environmental policy generally PE plastic-generation green taxes payable upon 130% since 2012, while the biodegradable green bags except.

◎Spain: Andalucia state government announced a 2012/01/01 from the imposition of the single-use plastic bags each EU: 0.10 /Pcs.
◎Italy: Government announced since 2012/08/01 from the NPC shops can not provide general plastic shopping bags, and illegal vendors fines.
◎TheUnited States: California LA limited by the Legislative implementation, in 2012/07 store with general plastic shopping bags, including biodegradable plastic bags can not be achieved.
◎The U.S. :Seattle city has prohibited to provide the free disposable shopping plastic bags at store since 2012/07/01
◎Canada: City of Toronto in 2013/01 from a total ban on the use of PE plastic bags.
◎Argentina: Buenos Aires City, the capital, announced a total ban retailers provided free of charge to the general plastic bags since 2013.
◎Chile, Brazil, since 2012 to stop the supply consumers free plastic bags.
◎TheUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that disables Instead of traditional plastic bags biodegradable plastic bags since 2013.
◎Bulgarian Government announced that from 2011/07 onwards green taxes levied for each plastic shopping bag EU: 0.07,2012 upgraded to EU: 0.18,2013 in the upgrading of EU: 0.23,2014 for EU: 0.28 /.






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