oEmbed to display a PowerPoint Presentation

Recently we have updated our plugin SlideOnline for WordPress in order to add SlideOnline as an oEmbed provider so you can easily add your presentations online. Additionally, we have been working closing with services like Embed.ly to add our oEmbed end-point as a provider so you can enjoy publishing your PowerPoint presentations and PDF presentations into any blog, website or online service supporting oEmbed.

SlideOnline oEmbed End Point: http://slideonline.com/oembed



Will produce:

   "title":"5 Tips To Become a Presentation Jedi",
   "html":"«iframe src="\"http:\/\/slideonline.com\/embed\/913\/\"" height="300" width="468" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no"»«/iframe»

Right now, the only available format is JSON but we are introducing new format XML for output very soon. Feel free to comment below this post if you are hurrying to have this format in the plugin.

For example, if you want to add the Presentation Jedi slide deck, you can just place the presentation URL inside your WordPress blog and it will look as follow.

It is important to notice that while using plugin SlideOnline for WordPress the plugin will automatically adjust the output width to the $contentWidth variable of your WordPress theme.


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