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Latinos in the Region

Published May 1, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Latinos In The Northwest
Latinos In The Region

1542-1543 – Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo explores the region.
1700s – A Spanish/Latino crew made four expeditions to Washington State. Many discoveries were made.
1790’s – Two settlements established in Neah Bay and Vancouver Island were the first non-Native settlements.
1792 – The Malaspian Expedition by Mexicans Jose Mariano Mozino and Anastacio Echeverria produced an ecological catalog of 200 species of plants, animals, and birds. The first detailed landscape profiles were sketched.

Colonial Pioneers
1550s - 1800s
Explorations of Washington State
Latinos Are Not Newcomers to Washington State

History Of Latinos
In The Northwest
1950s – In addition to gravitating to rural communities for agricultural work, thousands travel to urban centers such as Seattle, Spokane, Yakima, and the I-5 corridor illustrating the urbanization and entrepreneurial spirit of Latinos. Latino owned businesses emerge in Seattle and Spokane.
1960s – Latinos account for about 65,000 of the overall state population. Join the civil rights movement and establish a distinct movement of their own. The most important being the United Farm Workers Co-op in Toppenish in 1967.
1979 – Radio KDNA was established as Washington’s first Spanish language public radio in Granger, Washington.
1980s – Census shows Local Latino population grew to 123,000. By the end of the decade, the population nearly doubled to 214,570.
1990-2000 – North Central Washington records a 140% increase in the Latino population, mostly of Mexican origin.
Now – Latinos continue to establish businesses and work in the service industries, manufacturing, and hi-tech. Latinos become prominent in local politics, medicine, legal professions, communications, and more.

19th Century - This period represents a continued Latino presence due to the expansion of cattle ranching, trade transportation, and mining.
After1819 – Latinos created the backbone of the transportation system for the mining economy.
Walla Walla was the center of the mining activity and by 1870 had a large Mexican population.
1920s – Latino labor was recruited as the agricultural production exploded and other industries such as timer, railroad and construction grew.
1940s –Due to the war effort, Latinos from various occupational backgrounds participated either as Braceros, farm laborers, or as U.S. military personnel.

Why Latinos Continue To Grow
In The Northwest
The I-5 Connection
Quality of Life

Principal Local Industries
Tri Cities

Local Higher Education
-YVCC Branch
-Tri Cities Branch
Columbia Basin

Spanish Language Media
Yellow Page Books

Radio Stations
FM: KZML, KZTA & KZTB - La Gran D, KHSS - La Bomba,
KDNA - La Voz Del Campesino, KZHR - Mi Favorita,
KRCW - La Campesina, KLES – La Vaquera,
KMNA – La Maquina Musical
AM: KYXE and KZTS - La Mexicana
Spanish Newspapers

Bilingual Newspaper

El Sol De Yakima
La Voz
NW Hispanic Yellow Pages
Latin Media NW
Tu Decides

Source: (1) 2013 Nielsen Universe Estimates; (2) IHS Global Insight Hispanic Market Monitor 2011;
(3) Geoscape. American Marketscape Datastream 2012 Series. Produced by the Geoscape ® Intelligence System (GIS).

Hispanic Households
of the DMA

of the DMA
Hispanic 2+
Hispanic DMA
(Ranking by TV HHs)

$ in Billions
Hispanic Average HH Income: $51,954
DMA Size(1)
Hispanic Consumer Spending(2)
Population Demographics(1)
Population Growth(3)


of Hispanics Speak Spanish at home(2)
Local Latino Market Stats
Overall DMA
(Ranking by TV HHs)

The Univision network, by far the leading TV choice for Latinos.
Local news M-F at 6p with a rebroadcast at 11p. The only daily local news in Spanish in the entire market in any media.
En la Calle, local lifestyle information in a magazine format.
En Comunidad, local community affairs feature, aired in every local newscast.
Website with news, interview segments, community events.
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels updated daily with fresh content.
The regions only professional Spanish Language creative services department
KUNW Major Community Events

Cinco de Mayo
Binacional Health Week
Dia de las Madres
Dia de Los Padres
El Grito / Fiestas Patrias
Tri-Cites Hispanic Chamber initiatives
Fiesta de Salud Community Health Outreach Initiative
Many, many, many, more

7 years old.
The regions only truly local Spanish Language TV station. Featuring local news and events 24-7
6 employees.

Fisher Communications, Seattle, WA.
Owner of 15 English TV, 5 Spanish TV, and 4 English radio stations and numerous interactive properties in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.

Market Coverage
Three DMA broadcast signals, 2.1 Yakima, 15.1 Tri-Cities, and 16.1 Walla Walla.
The only Spanish Language station* with carriage on every cable system in the DMA: Charter, and private. * with commercial insertion available
Satellite carriage Dish Network.
(Satellite and cable coverage are crucial with market cable and satellite penetration at 88%)