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Published Mar 11, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Question #1
GDP per capita of India is $3,700.00
World rank 165th
This GDP per capita is lower than most in its continent that is Asia

What % of labor force is in agriculture, what % is industry?
52% of the labor force in India is in agriculture
Industry is only 14%

Does your country export manufactured goods or mainly raw materials/natural resources? What are some examples of its exports?
India mainly exports manufactured goods and natural resources.
petroleum products
precious stones
iron & steel

Question #4
21% of rural pop. and 15% of urban population in poverty
40-50% of the pop. in Bihar and Orissa live below the poverty line
Unemployment rate at 7.75%

Do you think your country is Industrialized?
After being colonized India hasn’t had many opportunities to flourish.
Only 14% of the labor force is in industry
India’s high population is probably due to the fact that 52% of the labor force is in agriculture.