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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

International Student
Recruitment Research


Summary of the Brief
Identify the key motivators to the UK based on young people to study abroad or to study remotely
Identify key motivators of international students to study in the UK.
How do we engage with Potential students?
Are there any gaps in the market for new sources of information.
Compare and contrast various tools used to communicate to both types of students
Make a recommendation as to what would be the most appropriate way in which we communicate with these audiences
What are the main geographical locations that compete with the UK.


Research Tools
Paper Questionnaires
Allows us to answer any respondent queries.
Face-2-face questioning ensures better understanding
Time-consuming searching for suitable respondents
Difficulties reading handwritten responses
Online Surveys
Easy to promote and share the survey online via a link
Website groups responses individually and by question
Misinterpretation of questions led to missing data & incomplete surveys

Research Approach
Paper Questionnaires
Two versions: one for international students, one for UK-based students
Sent Word document to applicable respondents within Midnight Blue’s network
Approach potential respondents in & around MMU Business School

Online Surveys
Two versions: one for international students, one for UK-based students
Sent both survey links out to our network of international and UK-based contacts
Posted link across the web on various study abroad groups and forums and shared on suitable social media pages.

Key Motivators

Key Motivators to Study Abroad
International Education
Enhance CV
Life skills
Change of pace and scenery

Key Motivators for International
Students To Come To The UK
Quality Education
Job opportunities
Qualification Recognition
Learn a new language

Why Study In Different
Countries or Stay At Home
Benefits of been closer to home
High quality education
Employment opportunities
Native language
Society and culture
International Education
Enhance CV
Life skills
Change of pace and scenery

Factors Preventing Study Abroad

Main geographical areas that compete with UK
Czech Republic

Engagement Methods

How Do We Currently Engage
With Potential Students

How Should We Engage With
Potential Students in the Future

Gaps In The Market
For Information
Current Market: saturated through the internet, books, brochures and the universities themselves.
Gap for virtual reality.
Virtual reality tours could be used to show potential students around the university that they would be studying at; lecture theatres, accommodation and student unions etc.
Advantages: Highly popular with students who love technology as it is a fun and an original way to look around the universities and surrounding area.

Comparing and Contrasting Communication Tools

The Pros & Cons
Online Sources
Printed Marketing Material

The Pros & Cons
Telephone and
Email enquiries
Social Media

Tools used to communicate to students

Recommendations for Future Communications

Methods, Tools & Sources
Printed Prospectuses, flyers & marketing material
Correspondence address
Open days & telephone hotline
University website
Email correspondence

Social Media Platforms
Mobile applications
Internet audio or video calls
(VOIP services, e.g: Skype)

Broad content all universities need to communicate
Student financial options
‘Simplistic’ application process
Detailed course information
accommodation information
Showcase the university’s status

Location advise
Travel details & maps
Term dates
Case studies from current students & graduates
Financial costs & support available

International university communication content
Promote the gaining independence and CV boost factors to studying abroad
Promote International education that provides unique perspectives
Showcase the potential life experience of living in a different culture

Include travel planner and travel recommendations. Travel discounts?
Promote the language support available to those with concerns
Provide a networking channel for exchange / international students

UK university
communication content
Promote Internationally acclaimed higher-education
Promote Multi-cultural society
Promote Good quality employment opportunities
Provide thorough accommodation options

Thank You For Listening
We Welcome Any Questions