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Published Feb 20, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Squarespace Create a new square space trial account and choose a template. Templates can be swapped about later. After creating an account the content management should automatically come up. The dark grey bar on the left is to navigate between the full site preview (eye symbol), content management (letter a), analytics (graph symbol) and settings (cog symbol). To the right of the dark grey bar are the navigation editor and a page preview. In the navigation editor we can change the order of pages by clicking and dragging them. We can also hide them by dragging them from the main navigation to the 223not linked224 section. Sub navigation can be set up by adding a folder and dragging pages into it. We can delete pages by hovering over them and clicking on the x to their right. A right click on a page brings up a box where we can change the title and set it as the homepage. We can add a page at the bottom of the navigation section (above the 223not linked224 title). After clicking a box will appear where we can choose between a blog page, gallery page, link and folder. We can also add a here there are multiple options to play with. that we can choose between sliders, light boxes and grids and edit the rows and space between them. into a page gallery. The site preview (accessed by clicking on the eye symbol in the top right) is the place to make style changes. This means we can modify the typography, colours and some layout options such as text alignment. After clicking on the eye a site preview should appear with a small rounded box in the bottom right. In this box is a pencil (for editing content live (a bit useless) , a brush for editing style, and a cog which takes us back to the content management. typefaces, the typekit fonts are of high quality with the other fonts being websafe, overused but decent. It222s possible to have a custom domain name and this can be changed in the settings panel. Signing up to a yearly plan will give you a free domain name, paying by the month will mean that a domain will have to be bought from somewhere like and pointed to your site. Follow the instructions either on squarespace or when a domain is bought. You will not need hosting for squarespace. On of the major advantages of squarespace is its level of customer support and education. Under the settings section there is a 223help and support224 link. After clicking on this the link to the help portal (help. in the top right takes us to videos, workshops and live chat where we can ask a team

Indesign and typography Indesign is a program which is used mostly for designing print materials, it has some overlap with adobe and books. After creating a new document, click on the type tool (T symbol). Clicking and dragging this will create symbol on left) above the paragraph (backwards 223P224 symbol) menus. We are going to concentrate on the character menu. The character style can also be accessed under window>type &tables>character. We can change the font, captions). When choosing a font it is important to know what it is and it222s history, without this information it is very easy to make a poor choice. The general styles are serif (minion, times, caslon, georgia), sans-serif (helvetica, arial, meta), slab serif (rockwell) and didone (bembo, bodoni). There are a lot of other categories and sub categories! A small bit of reading on the subject will go a long way to helping you make a good choice. Always google a font and read a little bit about it before you use it and think about the relationship between the project and the font. It should be suitable and appropriate. To select letters click and drag over them with the type tool, to select whole words double click, to select everything; triple click. We can change colours under the window menu, click on colour 226 using the sliders we can make up any colour and save it for multiple use by clicking on the small box in the top right and useful to set up multiple pages so that we can work on multiple versions for a project without having to then be opened in photoshop for being used on the web in the case of a logo.

Resources Tutorial site Lots of websites to inspire Articles on web design at all levels A fun introduction to typogaphy A detailed and broad text book on typography 223Type and typography224 Phil Baines and Andrew Haslam Small type suppliers with some great fonts Large type foundries which can supply most fonts Some free fonts that aren222t horrible Inspirational graphics Bookshops Magma Tate modern book shopFoyles The design museum shop Artwords