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Demetra Social Media + Fashion Part 2

Published Feb 15, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript



Ever wondered about tweets containing words with the #
symbol in front of them?

This hashtag symbol causes Twitter to organically categorize the tweet,
along with any other tweet containing the exact same hashtag.

# is similar to adding a tag to a blog post.

The power of the hashtag

When someone searches for a word you have used as a tag,
they may be directed to your blog post.

The same is true when someone searches for a word you
have placed a hashtag in front of.

In this case, they will be directed to a list of all the tweets
using that same hashtag.

This is the power of the hashtag.

adding a hashtag in front of a word
in your tweet

= you become a part of the conversation

& your tweet may be found by someone searching for that

Also, the use of the hashtag to narrow your
audience to only those people who are actually interested in
what it is you are tweeting about

Hashtag campaigns bring social visibility to promotions
and are useful for increasing a products top of mind awareness

Create your own Twitter hashtag campaign:

It’s easy to start a hashtag campaign,

but let me give you some things to think about before we start :
What is the goal of your campaign?

Do you intend to provide something of value to your followers?

Do you intend to profit from your campaign?

Do you want to provide your followers with valuable information?

Are you trying to obtain name recognition?

Do you want to start a conversation?

And make sure to check if your hashtag has not already been used?

Research. Audience

Choose your name.
Choose a short, simple
name that reflects your brand and what you are

Choose something witty,
easy to remember,
quick to type,
and make sure there is not a similar hashtag already
in existence with a different meaning.

Once you’ve chosen your hashtag, add its meaning to
online tools like Tagdef to claim it as your own and help
people understand the context.

Link to relevant info. ( images, sites & etc)

To lift the campaign off of the ground, begin by tweeting (in moderation) your own hashtag and explain the meaning of it.
You can set up an automatic alert tool that sends you an email when someone tweets your hashtag on programs like Twilert to help you monitor activity.

promote your hashtag campaign through other outlets, and be creative!
Examples: such as signs in your store, an online newsletter, or traditional advertising, flyers, stickers, be creative
Think of Ben and Jerry’s Fairtweet

#fashion #hashtags on TWITTER

Sign up @ TWITTER

& start your what the # campaign!

Instagram Campaigns

though Instagram has only been around for almost two years,
the site continues to explode in popularity, having
 close to 100 million users.

It was only a matter of time before the
world’s biggest brands started using Instagram
effectively by producing great content and
engaging with their followers.

It’s a very visual platform so here are some
of the companies using it best.

Tiffany & Co.Followers: 120,000?

Focusing on brand,
Tiffany & Co shows off its latest jewelry,

which works perfectly on the medium,
as well as a few inspirational images here and there.

ASOSFollowers: 208,000

?As well as featuring its own range,

ASOS also
uses a lot of user-generated
content to help show off its wares

Forever21Followers: 354,000

?Fashion brands are finding a new home on Instagram

Forever21?s trendy and stylish fashion makes its inclusion an obvious one.

TopshopFollowers: 205,000

?Unlike the other clothing brands,

Topshop focuses more on:
action shots
and keeping things light-hearted.

creating a fun, personable brand account.

Assignment #LFW LIVE

Instagram + Twitter Campaign

////////////////////Assignment London Fashion Week


Capture images and promote!
Create an instagram account , and be creative!

1. #instagram
2. #iphoneography
3. #iphonesia
4. #photooftheday
5. #iphone
6. #iphoneonly
7. #instagood
8. #jj
9. #iphone4
10. #ig
11. #sky
12. #igers
13. #love
14. #instagramhub
15. #instamood
16. #popular
17. #bestoftheday
18. #cat
19. #tweegram
20. #cute
21. #dog
22. #sunset
23. #picoftheday
24. #photography
25. #clouds
26. #igdaily
27. #nature
28. #webstagram
29. #food
30. #me

Top 30 Instagram #