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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Gael Force FRC 126

Awards/Presentation Seminar

Gael Force FRC 126
Awards/Presentation Seminar
Introduction to awards
2013 FRC Awards Chart
The Judges
Machine Based Awards
Team Based Awards
Other Awards
Submission Based Awards
Presentation Tips
Seminar Overview

Welcome to Gael Force FRC 126’s Awards and Presentation Seminar. Thank you for coming! Our goal is to help your team understand an important topic: Judging and Awards. There is much mystery behind the bling and the blue polos . We are hoping to demystify some of the questions you and your team may have.

The Judges

Who They Are

Judges are volunteers. Some have been volunteering for quite some time and typically work for sponsors. On the flip side, some judges are brand spankin’ new and are about to experience FIRST for the first time.

Talking to Them
Introduce yourself
Tell them your story & your team’s story
Use lifelines – your teammates
Don’t be afraid to talk about failures
Ask them questions
Don’t be afraid to take a moment to think about an answer

How They’re Organized

Lead Judge: Oversees all Judges
Machine Attribute Judges: In the Pits
Team Attribute Judges: In the Pits
Field Judges: Watch all matches
Chairman’s Award Judges: Only see RCA presentations

When someone acts a fool in front of the judges…
When you awkwardly run out of things to say to the judges….
Trying to figure out who the judges are on Thursday….
Fun Fact…the judges typically don’t show up until the Judges’ dinner on Thursday night, sometimes not until Friday!

Machine Based Awards
Industrial Design Award
-Form & function of a machine
-Design of machine/feature contributes to the robot success

Innovation in Control Award
-Unique use of control components
-Be able to demonstrate it

Quality Award
-Overall quality of machine and team

Excellence in Engineering
-Elegant or advantageous feature
-Need to be able to concisely describe and demonstrate feature to judges
Creativity Award
-Unique use of materials, strategy or machine feature
-Practical and contributes to team’s success

Team Based Awards
Team Spirit Award
-Enthusiasm through strong partnerships and team work
-Not just about who can cheer the longest/loudest

Engineering Inspiration Award
-Team outreach beyond the school
-Unique methods of spreading FIRST, engineering and your team

Imagery Award
-How your team looks as a whole: the robot, in the stands, pit area, cart, team uniform, hand outs, etc.

Gracious Professionalism
-Gracious professionalism displayed on and off the field
-Exceptional sportsmanship on and off the field
-Voted on by other teams at event
Safety Award
-Innovative safety practices
-Safety at the competition as well as in your team practices

Other Awards
Judges Award
-Based on anything the judges find awesome, unique and worthy of recognition that may not fit into any specific award
Engineering Inspiration Award
-Team outreach beyond the school
-Unique methods of spreading FIRST, engineering and your team

Rookie All Star
-Strong partnerships
-Carries out mission of FIRST

Rookie Inspiration
-Strong partnerships on team
-Exemplify mission of FIRST
-Promotes engineering in community

Submission Awards
Woodie Flowers Award
-Judged prior to event by past WFA winners
-Tell your nominee’s story in third person
-Have someone non FIRST related who doesn’t know your nominee proof read it
Dean’s List
-Write in third person
-Tell the nominees’ story
-Have mentors review and have a non FIRST person review

Entrepreneurship Award
-Start with the executive summary
-Elaborate on info from executive summary for the body of your business plan
-Write in third person
Digital Media Award
-New substitution for the website award
-Inclusive of all digital media: FB, Twitter, YouTube, apps, etc.
-Still “TBD” for submission process
Regional Chairman’s Award
-Know your strengths as a team and focus on them! The jack of all trades is the master of none!
-Start with the Executive Summary then branch out and add details to start main essay
-'Break your big topics into chunks to research and write about
-Set small goals and frequent deadlines/benchmarks to stay on track
-SUBMIT BEFORE THE DEADLINE- you can always go back into STIMS and edit and change things!!! But you cannot turn back time or un-crowd the internet after the Noon deadline on Feb.21st.
-The DVD is your ticket into the judging room
-Your 5 min presentation and 5 min of questioning begins the moment you walk in the door – that includes set up
-Practice in front of team and people who don’t know anything about FIRST
-Practice with a stop watch and practice with distractions
-Have back ups for all of your presenters
-Have 4 sets of any hand out materials for judges
-Less is more when it comes to hand out materials

Presentation Tips
-Write out a script
-Script should compliment any materials you’ve given to the people you are presenting to
-Be personable and confident
-Practice from start to finish with a stop watch
-Have any computers or programs set up and tested before your presentation
-Have all materials ready to go before you present
-Have extra copies of your hand out materials

RCA Specific
-Time starts the moment you walk in
-Your DVD is your ticket into the judging room!
-Be prepared to answer any questions
-Don’t be afraid to pause for a moment to think
-Don’t steal the spotlight! Make sure your presentation and question answering is distributed equally!


Before going into your Chairman’s presentation…
After nailing your Chairman’s presentation…

For more information or a copy of our PowerPoint or a digital copy of this document, please email us at . If you have any feedback about this document and our presentation please feel free to email us about it! Thank you for your time, and good luck this season! -Gael Force FRC 126