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Published Dec 18, 2012 in Education
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this is my final fully finished powerpoint for photography.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Idea 1
Brief : “slave magazine “ is a new international online photography, art, culture and fashion magazine that stands out from the crowd; every issue is eclectic. Authentic and full of diversity. Several fashion stories are presented within each issue of the magazine. They are looking for a fresh new fashion story to run in the next issue. The editor will be particularly interested in the overall visual qualities of your 3 final out comes as submissions for the publication in the, magazine. The theme I then chose was “wild an innocent”.
My intention for idea 1: during this project my idea what I am going to create through my images is the significance of having your identity by trying to express individuality and personality into each of my photo’s created. Taking into account different mind sets bold, wild, innocent and delicate themes and how some individuals cope during positive and negative times and what emotions and feeling that they may have arised. Furthermore how some people act compared to others in these situations. When I step back and acknowledge my own personality and individuals within my family, this interests me to explore the way other people act and think and there personal insight of certain things compared to others, or how one individual can think in so many different ways. I also want to take into account hair and make up colour used, to help correspond the kind of personality the photograph is representing.(e.g.. Red for a quite explosive character could express a moody quite temper minded person) i also want to try combining images in order to show split personality.

Written analysis Sebastian Szwajczak
“Makeup 3”

What makes this photograph so successful?
The Poland photographer Sebastian Szwajczak has more than 14 years of experience in Fashion and Advertising Photography. His portfolio is so eye candy, every high quality images with a high use of colors and lightning each photos is exciting making you have to look more then once and carefully to acknowledge all the detail presented within the image.

I think this image is very effective . The use of bright bulging colour against the dull black and white back ground this is a strong element to the picture perhaps a sense of emphasis to what the photographer wanted the most focus to be on or the main aspect which he was aiming to capture. I feel the depth of field in this photograph is successful having the main parts of the image in focus and parts of her hair out of focus whereas some was in focus that gives off a good effect to the image. I personally think that Sebastian is a every exciting photographer where his work tends to catch my attention each time. This image as shown through the photo and the name is more based on ‘make up’. Sebastian's way of expressing the make up worked well almost as if she is a flower beginning to blossom.
How does it inspire my work?
The aspect which inspires me the most in this photograph is the way which the image expresses character. As if its almost describing her as a innocent sweet girl by her gestures however the black and white could represent a sense of hopelessness and loneliness, on the other hand there's a spark of this vibrant pink around the eyes and merging from the lips. The colour makes it seem as if she could be a bright quite happy individual. The use of shallow depth of field I also think inspires my work by the choice of focus and which area’s are less focused on. The qualities which I distinguish in this photo in response I am going to create a sense of character in my work that I am going to use a shallow depth of field in certain images to focus more on certain aspects. Also Sebastian's use of bold strong and light colours help to emphase a certain character and the contrasting dull colours that help to spot light the main image for e.g. a certain feature like the lips.

Initial Photograph’s
Idea 1

The purpose in taking these photograph’s was generally to portray personality and individuality of a person through colour gesture and style. My idea is grounded on the way people think and feel differently on how in the world there are very contrasting people with different ways of doing things different imagery, style and how there is no body in the world completely the same. This brief inspired me to go in the direction of the mind and how it thinks in many ways, also emotion and how emotion can be shown through images and the change in personality one individual can make through how they think and what they believe. technical quality is a main aspect I was pleased with in my photographs. I aimed for selective imagery for example in some of the photographs I targeted certain area’s to be in focus and some out of focus ; as a result my depth of filed had to be altered to suit the requirements I wanted. Depth of field refers to the range of distance that appears acceptably sharp. It varies depending on camera type, aperture and focusing distance. The lighting in my images are quite different as I used different areas to take the pictures and the lighting I positioned in different angels and sides high and low and in some the forward angles, This insured I created the right shadows and the right sections of the model to be light or dark or generally a full clear image. Whether I wanted more light or less was depending on quite a few things with my images, what character I was trying to recreate. The mood I wanted the image to give off, also it was depending on the position the model was in. I also took into account how I wanted my developmental images to come out and if it could work well as a whole and what I could recreate with these images. The element which I feel was most successful was the the structure of my images the way in which the models body and her face was positioned. The angle the photography was taken in and her facial expression which was captured that gives of a strong effect to each image. I encountered the use of space in my images , as I required to create good quality images where space was involved making sure the main focus is first recognized. I aimed to create quite straight but angled images. I considered clothing and colour, although they are quite face aimed photographs they help to build a effect of the photography. The criticism of my initial images are that certain images are quite alike and I could of used more of a variation of space within my image maybe with different ISO setting’s to create maybe one or two grainy images. maybe considering capturing more of the makeup on her face. Overall I am very pleased with my images I have produced and the quality of each photograph. I feel there is a good sense of wonder within. With the development I fell they will grab attention and portray a good sense of personality. Personally I struggled with lighting in several attempts with previous beginning images, however in the end some of the lighting in certain images was very successful. My main intention was to introduce personality to the images ‘wild and innocent’. Bring life to the images. In different areas where my images was composed I needed to change the ISO setting on my camera from high and low to capture more or less light. Also used my zoom lense to take close up images . I could of used different techniques by involving more space or could of attempted maybe a photograph where the model is moving altering my shutter speed to create the image as I want, for example creating a blurry effect with a slower shutter speed. As a whole I feel they were successful initial photographs .


I am so happy with the out come of my developmental photograph’s because of the quantity of the visual appeal of the images, and the sense of wonder and interest they create. Furthermore the character the images express how the colours and the edits helps indicate what is behind the photograph, and what the image means. The photographs are quite busy, has multiple things going on and to different people could mean something different. However it helps to create effect in the image as it could come across as if its some kind of illusion, where you see an image within another image “inception”. I wanted to capture the different sides when somebody is stressed and lonely and how they could feel depressed, or how in some occasions you could feel happy and in a good frame of mind. I feel my images are effective and hit the main requirements of my intention. For example in one of my images the strong red and orange colours I used to create a hot tempered moment, that either has been let out, or hidden by the faces. I think that the use of Acetate in my work was used effectively and gave the images meaning. The different images being joined and placed on top of one another, shows how one person can feel so many different ways and how things can effect our moods. How although someone can be so nice they can have that fire side attached to their personality or that what people show on the outside isn't always what lies inside. The images worked well as I think the grainy appearance of the image on the acetate also was a strong element to one of my images, as it complemented the intensions I first had. The transparent parts of the acetate was very effective for me as I was able to test which images I wanted to layer and in the process gave me ideas of other sections to photograph. I felt the colours used played an important role in these images making the edits on Photoshop to create better quality colour, and in the positioning I wanted . This insured that it was simple to order different photos with each other and to view a lot of the imagery using different acetates in one period. I used Photoshop a lot during my developments experimenting and using editing tools to develop quality photographs to enhance chosen aspects. I got to grips with plenty of the tools and how to create creative, effective and thoughtful images . I used (nik )  to help achieve this. My artist research also had a great impact in my work for example the artist I looked at used vibrant aluminous colour paint on a model against a dark black background I felt this worked effectively and in one of my images where I used projection using Photoshop i altered the saturation bringing out the colours to do a similar peice. I believe that my developmental photographs are a big leap in the right direction and more visually interesting and exciting then my initial photographs. I think that the close selective areas that where captured, cropped and edited assisted my initial focus in on the interesting sections of the photographs with a meaning behind them. Also creating a good positive sense of thought. The use of angles and composition was enhanced by the layers of acetate that assisted to generate weird but effective imagery. Overall I am extremely happy with the results of my first idea developmental photos. They will help create and develop ideas for further images. Which will look original and visually interesting in a magazine .

Idea 2

the second idea I decided to work with is the desires and needs people feel they want in the world or what they cant live without. In this case I am using the desire and need girls have who crave the ‘perfection’ look with makeup, which they apply on their faces every day hiding there inner self, almost like a mask . I feel natural beauty and an individuals heart is the main aspects of making your self beautiful however appearance isn't everything that so many think of in this world. I also aim to show that makeup isn't just a bad thing and can come across as a form of art almost like the model is the canvas and the makeup is the artwork. I aim to look at facial features more then a whole person in these images. The feature I have chosen to look at mainly is the lips. Therefore I have decided to photograph quite close up images with good quality. I aim to use the same person to show how different it can look in different styles and to show the effects it has, and how different it can make you seem. However is it really you? Or is the real you under the mask of makeup? I want to create questions in the viewers mind. I want them to understand the concept of makeup in which it can influence an individuals mind set. Also to show that girls can get to tied up in appearance they forget about there natural inner-self.

The intention of my photography of the lips was in order to show how makeup is a form of art. The different styles that using colour can be created with just one feature in this case the lips. I will try to show how much make up can give a different image. However I also want to express that it is like a form of camouflage where you are hiding from your self as if you’re a different person because its not you or your natural inner-self
All together I am happy with the set of lip photos I have formed, I have involved letters, stars, colour lip sticks and diamonds to help make the image way more creative. The colours again help add character as depending on the individual it created a mood or character. For example the green, blue and yellow are quite wild colours which relates to the wild & innocent part of the brief. I researched a variety of artist that take photograph’s with makeup in a creative manner. Furthermore how they use it and what mood it creates. I question these images as it helps when doing my images.
The artist I feel influenced my ideas well as I could see what they created and how I could use the good qualities to recreate my own image. I am please with the technical quality of my photographs, I wanted quite a few of my images to be all in focus and some with just sections in focus, I went for quite focused images to give the perfection effect of the makeup. In order to do this I used a high ISO of 6400 with an aperture of about f.13 and f.18 or in between. I feel that the images are quite similar in occasions however they all have there own originality to them and they meet my initial idea. These images I wanted to be clear in order to see the detail within the lips and the designs. I altered the clarity, contrast and the lightness to create a good clear lighting that complements the image.
I am happy with these initial photos of the lips although I feel I should of tried different ways to make the surrounding image different from one another, however I will try to achieve that in my developmental photographs.
Because of the very small but detailed design on the lips I used shallow depth of field so I selected the lowest f.stop that was on my camera . I aimed to photograph the lips in this way to emphase the time and effort that goes into the smallest detail, like a artist would with a piece of work and someone who is insecure would apply makeup. Overall I am pleased with the qualities of the photographs, although some may seem simple and quite similar it still has a reason behind it.


Evaluation of idea 2 initial photo's :
I am every pleased with the development photos of the second idea because of the effectiveness of each image and how they each express a form of individuality of the images the visual appearance comes across every interesting and I am please that they differ considering the initial’s and that the quantity of visual appeal of the images were quite alike. the sense of wonder and interest that they create. I feel the colours that I have chosen complement one another well . what the image means. The photographs are quite Simple however has a texture to them to create the artistic side.
I wanted to capture meaning within these images and although they are all f the feature lips I wanted give them all something the other image didn’t have. Different I fell that the use of texture images which I Photoshop with the initial photos created a strong effect . Each image is on a different kind of background that is art based . For example in one of my images. I have used a painted back ground to create a sense of it being art work within the photography. Photoshop also helped the photos to crop in the sections I wanted to use and to change certain parts of the images and to edit them to better quality images . I think that the use of Acetate in my work was used effectively again thinking onwards from the initial photos taking the acetate further. I used all sorts of techniques with these images another process I used for a few of the images was the projection this was 1 of the most enjoyable parts of taking these photos. Projection for me seemed every successful. worked well as I used my previous model for idea 1 to project idea 2s image on her face that is 1 of my favorite images. I also used a white blanket that I wrapped my model in and projected a image on top to get the folds and drapery as part of the images I then Photoshop the images after. I felt the colours used was very dominant at times how ever in some images every soft. By this time I because more familiar with Photoshop I feel these final developments for idea 2 are successful I think that the images not containing so much space works well working to create high standard images to be place in a magazine seems more then just simple edits requires to think out of the box. The use of angles and composition was enhanced the images being taken of lips in a variety of ways to look different and their not just 8 straight on images that are simple and can seem boring. but to attempt to create effective imagery. Overall I am proud with the results of my second idea developmental photos.

Written analysis THOMAS RUSCH 3

I feel Thomas art work inspires my work in many ways, here he has focused on the feature lips as I have in my second idea showing how makeup can be seen as a form of art. Here I feel he has represented that almost instantly when looking at the image. I see a white canvas and Thomas making the image to seem like art by the way he created. The patterns together and using the strong red and purple against the pale bright white. I personally love the simplicity if this image it is a visually appealing image as well as good quality. It is a centre positioned piece I fell this is effect for this image to because it almost pushes the main focus at you, which is the art work of the lips. The design on the lips give me the impression of quite a wild individual but from the white background maybe she doesn’t let everyone experience that wild side. But they just see the plain her.
This inspires my work because of the concept of the image it being taken of the feature lips, also the fact that it make me think I want people to also have that sense of wonder when looking at my work. And that people will have a different perspective of it however still leave it that bit obvious. The use of light and composition in this image also makes me think where I will place mine and how I could make is not so simple but not to much going on but enough to create interest.

3 final images !!

Evaluation of the final 3 images
The three final pieces which I have chosen I believe would successfully personify the “slave magazine”. All three of these photo's contain joined images to create collective imagery at one time. I think that the images clearly demonstrate my initial intention. I think they are very interesting and create questions for the viewers’ which is to mask the fact that there is a lot of materialistic things in the world which people feel are needed and cant live without, However really they are not essential. I feel that the more makeup applied the more hidden an individual becomes disguising the true appearance that lies within. Makeup also impersonates a sense of insecurity. Not only this but I wanted to interpret that makeup could have positives, as it helps to enhance features causing people to come across much more appealing which is a desire to many people in the world. Also that makeup can be seen as a form of artwork.
These images have a strong visual impact I think they are very original, the use of joint images and colours compliment one another well, and emphases the positive and negative in the frame. There are a variety of ways which I could of approached this brief, I feel my idea’s and outcomes where strong , and seemed interesting and creates many angles I could of gone with when creating my photographs.
The use of Photoshop and combining images are very effective as I feel the layering helped to show reasoning behind the image. I do believe that each of the three images will be able to capture the viewers eyes instantly creating mystery, wonder, and questions to the “slave magazine”. I wanted the viewers to be able to understand my image intentions of the photograph and the message I intended to set, however I wanted the photograph to have more then one meaning. If choosing from my final images I would publicize the third image.
I feel this image has the right colours and the correct use of contrast. The photo creates thoughts as the image is very ambiguous, I also feel that the use of space e.g.. The gaps in the image make sectioned and focus points on the whole image however I feel the black creates mystery within the image. In response to the first image this is also one of my favorite images of the project. I feel the cracks are a great effect for this image showing how makeup still has its flaws beneath the appealing mask. The image can come across with quite a lot of emotion, when looking deep into it, seeing further then just the image itself. I feel there is a very strong character in this image who constantly blocks out feelings however the cracks represent a leak within her self confidence.
All things considered, I would use my third photography image as my preferred choice to associate with the slave magazine. I believe that it incorporates the right amount of visual ingenuity to interest the viewer to take insight of the issue raised relating to “make up”.