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Published Sep 21, 2015 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Adster CreativeEdmonton Google Partners Event!

What’s in store today?Intro: Here comesthe fun.

In a word: Excitement.Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Who are these guys in the blue coats?Awesome stuff we do as a Google Partner.How we can help your business!Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Adster Creative: the who.Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Founded by two brothers in 2009Experience dating back to 1998Featured Google PartnerEdmonton based team of 10 & growing!Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Whadda we do?Intro: Here comesthe fun.

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency.Intro: Here comesthe fun.

How do we do that?Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Through our 6 step ‘success’ model!Intro: Here comesthe fun.

Step 1: Define & understand the customers goals.

I’m a new co. & don’t know where to start.My customers can’t find me online!Which parts of my advertising are working?I want to dominate my space on the web!Step 1: Define & understand the customer’s goals

Step 1: Define & understand the customer’s goals

YEG Renos discovery meeting & objectives:Primary objective is lead generationAlso want a longer term goal in place to build up equity in their brand.Hire two employees by the end of the year and evolve in their role.Only have $1000/m to invest in advertising for the next 6 months as cashflow will be tight.Step 1: Define & understand the customer’s goals

YEG Renos Strategic Tidbits: They are most ready to answer a call before noon and love jobs on the South Side.While they do all sorts of handyman work, basements are their highest margin service.They are a home depot certified installer, a CHBA member, and belong to several other associations.Step 1: Define & understand the customer’s goals

Key takeaway & thoughts: What are your short and long term business goals?Do you know which methods best align to these goals?Is there any merit in discussing these goals with a professional?Step 1: Define & understand the customer’s goals

Step 2: Analysis & Strategy.

A flexLOCAL™ marketing package.Track & measure with superDASH.Agency partner services agreement.Digitalmarketing audit & assessment.Step 2: Analysis &Strategy

Step 2: Analysis &Strategy

YEG Renos discovery meeting & objectives:Work on the clients dated website.Create a Google My Business pageBuild a small Google Adwords campaign.Get website listed in the organizational websites he belongs to and begin building authority.Setup a system of measurement to calculate ROI.Step 2: Analysis &Strategy

Key takeaway & thoughts: There are many factors involved in online successDoes your strategy account for these factors?What is the value of a professional helping you outline the right strategy based on your business goals?Step 2: Analysis &Strategy

Step 3: Implementation & Optimization.

Fix website code & usability issues.Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Make your Digital Assets Google compliant.Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

The Usual Suspects: Invisible technical issues. Penalty due to bad SEO practices. Missing important words in the right places Slow, non-mobile optimized website Users have difficulty determining what you do and why you’re awesome!Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Launch campaigns and map out ongoing work.Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

YEG Renos Strategic Campaign Launch: Lead gen / Adwords maximized before noon, South Side, and focused on basements. Implement our great content ideas. Google My Business page Up and running. Action plan for outreach.Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Key takeaway & thoughts: A properly optimized website is critical.Attack digital through multiple channels to best meet your goals.Do you have the time and expertise to identify and take action on a digital marketing strategy?Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Step 4: Online Promotion.

Makin’ all the tweaks ‘n adjustments.Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Make your Digital Assets Google compliant.Step 3: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Key Optimization & Tweaks: Seek new opportunities. Understanding Customers Behavior. Diagnostics and health. Monitoring online reputation. Maximize productive, minimize the under productive, eliminate the counter productive!Step 3: Implementation &Optimization

Build lasting authority by being authentic.Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Becoming an Authority: Connect to your network online. Do amazing, newsworthy, linkable things. Demonstrate your expertise through content. Transparency via Social Media & Customer reviews.Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

It really boils down to one thing.Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Trust.Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Key Takeaways and Thoughts: Marketing is not set it and forget it! Being linked to and mentioned on the right websites and building yourself as a credible authority is key. Would expert assistance with these tasks be valuable to your business?Step 4: Ongoing optimization& tweaks

Step 5: Analysis & Refinement.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half."John Wanamaker – 100 years before the interweb was invented!Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Critical Measurement concepts: We need to measure the ‘right’ actions. Only nerds need the fancy charts & graphs. The important stuff needs to be easy for the client!Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Types of leads & Concepts:Phone calls being generated.Contact Form Submissions.A simple place to manage leads.How often his brand is being searched for.Is YEG Renos Authority being recognized?The cost to generate a new customer.Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Key Takeaways and Thoughts: Measurement is critical to success. Focus on what matters most in measurement. Invest in channels that align with your goals. How beneficial would it be to clearly understand where your marketing dollar works?Step 5: Analysis &refinement

Step 6: Consulting & Mentoring.Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

What does the long term look like? Mutually deciding on expansion. Performing market research. Advising on offline advertising and other media buys.Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

Key Takeaways & Thoughts: Get yourself featured by Google Canada! A partner to help you grow & succeed. Exponential returns on investment. How valuable is it to you to build a relationship in business?Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

In conclusion & parting thoughts: You all came out here today for a reason – why was that? How could digital advertising help you meet those goals? How much of a factor do you think choosing the right partner is to your future successes?Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring

Thank you. Step 6: Consulting &Mentoring