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Published Sep 30, 2013 in Science
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Do SumaGrow products really work?

Sweet Potato Bigger than a Football

SQUASH COMPARISON Without SumaGrowWith SumaGrow

Flower BedsBefore and After

RosesBefore and After Treatment

SumaGrow Treated

Navy BeansControl on left Treated on right

Woodlief Farm – Rolesville, NCYield Increase Fertilizer Reduction Drought ResistanceSumaGrow TreatedFertilizer – same dayFertilizer – planted three days laterFarmer planted 30 acres this year; he will do all 800+ next year

Tobacco in North CarolinaDamaged by Frost

Wheat in ChinaDuring Drought

InternationalCorn in Honduras Orchids in Guatemala

India – Vinca RosaControl on left -- Treatedon right

Verifiable ResultsMichigan State University – Greenhouse Studies

Michigan State U. Three Year Study

“a better / faster emergence compared with the standard.” Barenbrug TestingBarenbrug Testing -- NetherlandsTreated Control

LHOP Ranch, Independence, Kansas

LHOP Ranch, Independence, Kansas

Summary of BenefitsIncreases Crop Yields 10 – 20+% !! 50-100% Reduction in fertilizer Reduce water usage at least 20% Approximately 50% reduction in pesticides Crops withstand stresses better – wind, drought Faster and higher percentage germination rates Crops mature faster (earlier harvesting) Higher nutrient value – protein, brix, chlorophyll Capture carbon and bio remediate the soil

BENEFITSBenefits Emphasized for TurfCosts less than fertilizer – price stabilityIncrease water efficiency / Drought resistantReduced pesticide usageEasy to Use / Easy to StoreDoes well in shadeFaster/higher germination ratesBetter for the environment / no license required

To Obtain Higher Quantity, You Must Reduce FertilizerTo Obtain Highest Quality, You Must Eliminate FertilizerFertilizer Reduction

“Every chemical-based pesticide, fumigant, herbicide and fertilizer tested, harms or outright kills some part of the beneficial life [microbes] that exists in the soil...”Dr. E. Ingham, 2002, Soil Food Web, Oregon State University

Holden Research – CA Peppers*Results effected by chemical drift in neighboring plots

Holden Research – CA Tomatoes

SumaGrown vs. Conventional Fertilizer

Other Crops – Same ResultsAlfalfaCabbageCantaloupeForage GrassesPumpkinRiceSoybeansStrawberriesSugar Cane

Pesticide ReductionInsecticidesFungicidesHerbicidesRodenticides

Insect ControlModes of ActionHealthier Plants – attract fewer insectsHigher Brix levels – kill insectsQuorum Sensing – plant/microbe communication

SumaGrow Success with DiseaseWheat -- rust, fusariumBananas – sigatoka, nematodesCoffee – “roya” or leaf rustTomatoes -- powdery mildewBlack pepper -- quick wiltTurf grass -- dollar spotTurf grass -- anthracnoseChestnut tree diseaseSugar cane root fungus


Reduced Water UsageMoisture Extraction from the airIncrease soil water holding capacityDeeper Root SystemSalt Mitigation – EPSImprove Quality of water in the soil

Costa Mesa, CA

Stress ReductionHigh WindsDroughtTransplantExtreme Temperatures

Minor BenefitsHigher nutrient levelsBigger plants/rootsFaster/higher germination ratesEarlier maturationFertilizer runoff mitigationIncrease Organic Matter (OM)

Higher Nutrient LevelsBrix – Better Taste, Less WasteChlorophyllProteinTDN (total digestible nutrients)

Cotton Testing by Gov’t of China and Nanjing Forestry UniversitySoil Available Nutrient IncreasesPhosphorous + 31.92%Carbon + 27.21%Sulfur + 14.66%

Wildlife Food Plots Sumagrow™

Costa Mesa, CA

Virginia Forage TrialsAverage 15 Fieldsa,b,c Within a column, means without a common superscript differ (p<0.05).

Louisiana Forage Trials 8 Field Averagea,b,c Within a column, means without a common superscript differ (p<0.05).


Illinois Football Field95% grow in eight weeks after seedingLess seedNo fertilizer50% pesticides"Never, ever had Bermuda grass do this well.... this is the best this field has ever looked. Normally, I am very conservative and cautious but this product has shown  tremendous results and has saved my company a lot of money."D. B. -- Master’s in Agronomy, LCO treating over 9000 lawns


SumaGreen Treated Strip in MiddleMaine 90% Kentucky Blue GrassControl

Texas Sod Farm

".... results are undeniable. We had bought a house that had a pool removed and the fill had sunk in around the center of the yard. We contracted a company to drop 18 truckloads of clean topsoil… It turns out that that finely sifted topsoil was crushed clay! The following spring we could not get grass started well in the yard even with meticulous care. We had gotten some grass to grow but it was really fighting to drop roots through the soil that you couldn't hammer a nail into. It was very patchy to say the least. Within 3 weeks the results with SumaGrow Turf were noticeable by everyone. Now it is 5 weeks and the lawn is very green and healthy looking.  ..... I tell everyone about your product. It is less expensive than using standard fertilizer. You don't have to worry about burning your lawn. And the fact that there is no fertilizer to wash off and kill fish in our river, bay, and oceans. All positives and no negatives. We can do something good for the environment without compromising on performance nor paying through the nose!John K., East Brunswick, NJFescue

When using ReeCourse Greens Formula or ReeCourse Fairways Formula, with SumaGrow inside, you MUST reduce fertilizer by at least 50%. For almost all golf courses, at least an 80% reduction in fertilizer is recommended. Fertilizer savings from using ReeCourse should cut your fertilizer bill in half!REEPLACING FERTILIZER SAVES MONEY

ReeDuce Water UsageProducts containing SumaGrow have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to grow with reduced amounts of water -- even during droughtsYou should be able to ReeDuce your irrigation water bills by 20+% when using ReeCourse products

NO FERTILIZER RUN OFF Eliminate fertilizer and you eliminate run off If ReeCourse products run off, they actually bio remediate the water

Greener Grass Michigan State University obtained 30+% higher chlorophyll levels with SumaGrow than comparables grown with fertilizer Grass stays greener well into the Fall In addition to the SumaGrow ingredient formulation, ReeCourse products also contain thatch eating microbes

FEWER DIVOTS/FASTER REGROWTH Massive root growth results in fewer deep divots and reduced divot recovery time. This picture shows a ReeCourse treated island green which split, revealing roots 2 - 2 ½ feet deep.

An independent PhD has verified grasses grown with ReeCourse products have higher brix levels Higher brix levels result in fewer pest problems Higher brix levels result in fewer plant diseasesHIGHER BRIX

STILL MORE BENEFITSReduce infestations of nematodes and grubsFaster and higher germination rates on new grassIncrease water retentionReduce stresses of droughtBetter grass growth in shady areas

EASY ApplicationHighly concentrated liquid products can be mixed with any amount of water and sprayed onThe products can be applied through the irrigation system, or co-applied with fertilizers or pesticides (except fungicides)Apply product once per month for greens and every other month for fairways, which saves labor costs compared to conventional fertilizer treatments

OMRI ListedReeCourse Fairways Formula and ReeCourse Greens Formula are listed as approved for all types of organic production

REEVERSE POAAnother product from ReeCourse is ReeVerse Poa which reverses the poa annua invasion process. It stimulates bent and Bermuda grasses while simultaneously weakening the undesirable poa so successfully that the poa is overcome without any noticeable brown spots. It is effective, green and inexpensive

BOTTOM LINEReeCourse products provide a major reduction in operating costs which increases the bottom line!ReeCourse products are better for youAnd better for the environment!

Concentrated Mother NatureSometimes a step backwards is progressSumaGrow is NOT Genetically ModifiedSumaGrow is NOT a fertilizerSumaGrow is NOT a growth hormoneSumaGrow is NOT a compost teaSumaGrow is an ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY microbial “cocktail”

FEATURESCFU countNumber of microbes in productNumber of functional areas in productIncrease nutrient uptakeBio remediate the soil Bio remediate water Increase nutrient values Increase brix levels OMRI listed

Why is SumaGrow Better than others?1. 7+ Microbes compared to typically one“Excalibre is a unique soybean seed treatment that contains a proprietary blend of three strains of yield-enhancing Bradyrhizobia bacteria. It has been developed and proven effective by the best scientists in soybean inoculant genetics. This new patent-pending technology is a first in agriculture.” 2. 5 functions compared to typically oneThe world’s first multi-action inoculantTagTeam is composed of two microorganisms – a naturally-occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaii for better use of soil and fertilizer phosphate and a superior Rhizobium bacteria species for nitrogen fixation.

High Concentration (trade secret) 10 to the 9th Ease of Use – store at room temperature, one formula fits all, cannot do harm, co-applyCost effective and actually works!

Lawns: 20 pounds for 1000 sq. ft.ESPOMA

ON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: Microorganisms ……………………………………………………. 1% cfu/mL (cc) = colony forming units/milliliter or cubic centimeter Acidovorax facilis 1x103 cfu/mL(cc); Bacillus licheniformis 1x103 cfu/mL(cc); B. subtilis 1x103 cfu/mL(cc); B. oleronius 1x105 cfu/mL(cc); B. marinus 1x103 cfu/mL(cc); B. megaterium 1x104 cfu/mL(cc); Rhodococcus rhodochrous 1x103 cfu/mL(cc); Microbes to be mixed at least 1:1 with water before adding it to the mixtureAthletic Fields: Two (2) gallons per acre every time you fertilize. ADVANCED MICROBIAL SOLUTIONS, L.L.C. (AMS) PO Box 519 • Pilot Point, Texas 76258 ADVANCED MICROBIAL SOLUTIONS

Holganix versus SumaGrow

Holganix versus SumaGrow - 2

Holganix versus SumaGrow - 3

SumaGrow versus Holganix Holganix SumaGreenCost X ½ XRequires Refrigerator YES NORequires Sprayer Change YES NOApplication/ 1000 sq. ft. 7-8 ounces 3 ounces

MARKET ACCEPTANCE"I would like to thank you and your company for making a product that actually does what it's supposed to do. There are a lot of products out there that claim ‘miracle results’; your product actually is a miracle. I can honestly say that it is worth the money. I am so impressed after last year's results that I… have cut traditional fertilizers out completely. "Tim Foglio, Bushkill, PA

Hattiesburg, MS – “I would highly recommend the use of these products to anyone.”  Dr. Clemon Terrell, Director of Parks & RecreationIrvine, CA – recent bid for turf care requires SumaGrow productsNorthern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery – won Excellence in Appearance Award, a national award after using Earthcare NaturalPebble Beach – went from 2 holes to 7; two other coursesKemper – made a video testimonial 

2nd Fastest Growing Manufacturer in the U.S.Fastest Growing Company in Mississippi

“Profit is not the primary goal but rather an essential condition for the company's continued existence.”Peter Drucker

Our story is easy to tell, easy to remember and easy to repeat.SumaGrow MAKES YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE WHILE PROTECING THE ENVIRONMENT