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Published Sep 2, 2013 in Business & Management
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Smart-phones are the phones of today and tomorrow's world.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

10 best Mobiles phones to buy in 2013 Published By:

Smart-phones are the phones of today and tomorrow's world. New ones coming up every day with just better and additional features, we can't predict what the future of smart-phones will be. Below is a list of some of the best smart-phones that one can get in 2013. HTC One being one of the top and not a surprise.

1.HTC One HTC One is undeniably the best smart-phone of this late generation. This fact does not come as a surprise though because HTC One has always been known to produce some of the most competitive phones in the market for a long time now. HTC One is therefore the most advised for when looking for the best smart-phone to buy.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung is well known in the leading phone making industry as one of the best and most competitive companies. The release of Samsung Galaxy S4 which is one of the most popular smart-phones around, stole the fans with its top features. The smart-phone is fully featured with anything necessary to be called a late generation smart-phone.

3. Apple iPhone 5 Another top smart-phone that is a competitor of HTC One and Samsung is the newly released Apple iPhone5. The phone is sleek and provide a flexible and easy to use platform better compared to it's close competitors products. It is however said that its operating system could be given a little tweak to increase the experience but all in all, it still rocks.

4. Sony Xperia Z Finally Sony could make it to the top and compete with the giants who have always been in the Top five. The new Sony Xperia gets it right, and when you imagine the quality of Sony's product and now being applied to the latest generation of smart-phones which is enhanced with excellent features that provides flexibility and prestige. It is however Sony's best android phone so far and getting more attention from fans.

5. Nexus 4 This is another amazing handset that has several uniqueness over other top smart-phones of it's class. First of all it's purely Google and by that you know the quality, features and probably what it is capable of doing. More-so, it comes in almost half the price of all other smart-phones of it's class which are competing with feature-wise.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 It is no surprise that Samsung can produce even up to five phones that make it up to the top 10 among all the smart-phones. This one is unique in that Samsung has crossed the worlds of tablets and smart-phones to come up with this new amazing Samsung galaxy note. Lovers of tablets and smart-phones can now have all their features in their pocket with this Samsung galaxy Note 2.

7. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active This is yet another Samsung product that could not afford to miss in the top ten. For people who are always caught up with issues especially in the rain, you don't want to leave this one out; it's all yours to gamble with in the rain. It also has lots of amazing features that will surely rock.

8. Nokia Lumia 925 Recently the latest product from Nokia that has been the talk of the town is the Nokia Lumia 925. It has got so much attention from public all over the world and not for anything. It is fully featured with anything that one will need in a premium smart-phone.

9. Motorola Moto X Motorola never sleeps. From being one of the first and a pioneer mobile phone company, it is not a shock that they are just released their latest Motorola Moto X. it's fully featured and reliability is at it's best as it has always been with Motorola.

10. HTC One mini Here comes HTC One again with their new HTC One mini that has a gorgeous design similar to HTC One, but doesn't stop there. The mini HTC One has an ultra pixel camera of the HTC one along with other great features like Zoe. It's just perfect for a HTC one.

Summary Smart-phones. Are the wolds of tomorrow when it comes to communication and handling things? This article reviews some of the best smart-phones that are fully featured to gear up your 2013. Visit our website for more info: