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Published Jan 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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Viral Zing- Social Media Experts

How Viral Zing can help YOUR BUSINESS BOOM!

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Brought to you by Viral Zing

Benefits of Exposing your Company Online
Businesses used to be solely familiar with advertising on the radio or Television. Times have changed dramatically, in a way that can benefit your company.

Welcome to the Age of Social Media and it’s rapid progression throughout our world.

Facebook is the largest social media site, with millions of potential customers.
When you create a business page those who “Like” your business will see all of your posts. If this customer then “likes” your individual post, that post becomes shared with all of their “friends”. Using this new marketing tool, we can fully target ads toward audiences interested in your products.

What Viral Zing will Do for you:

At Viral Zing you will have a dedicated Account Manager that will be able to answer any questions that you have, Here is what your account manager will do for you on Facebook:

Post for your company 2-3 times a week
Manage any pictures that you want posted onto you your company’s page
Interact with customers, limited to 1 comment per post


Twitter is a quick and easy way for businesses to share information with people that are interested in your particular goods and services. With Twitter, we can build relationships with customers, engage in conversation about products, and interact with potential customers.

What Viral Zing will do for you:

Viral Zing’s account specialist will manage for your company on Twitter
We will post 2-3 times a week.
Manage your company’s Followers.
Keep your Site looking professional.


LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking sites on the web.
Through LinkedIn, you can get referrals from happy clients.

Easily keep in touch with people who care most about your business.
Social Sites like LinkedIn help keep your business booming

What Viral Zing will do for you:

At Viral Zing, your account specialist will do the following for your company on LinkedIn:

Post to your site 2-3 times a week
Assist you in creating the brand presence that you want and maintain your companies online presence
Keep your page looking professional


Google+ is a newcomer to the social media platform, it is very similar to Facebook, a little like Twitter, but has many of its own unique features.
With Google+ being the next big name in social media, a business profile might not be a bad idea.

Within the first 2 weeks of beta testing Google+ had gained 10 Million members, and by the end of 2011 it has around 50 Million members.

What Viral Zing will do for you:

Create a Google+ page for your company and post to this page 2-3 times a week
Assist in managing your companies circles
Keep a professional look to your page


Bonus Media Sites
At Viral Zing, we understand the ups and downs of the social media market.  That is why we are currently offering FREE posting to additional minor social media sites for ALL our customers.

Minor social media sites will include: Tagged, Yahoo Profiles, Friend Feed, and Yammer.

Note: These sites are subject to changing due to the volatile market of media sites.

Your Blog can become whatever you want it to be, a collaboration of products, a schedule for classes, or your online coupon area. With blog spots like Blogger and WordPress we can post whatever information you want to be seen from the public eye. With over 77% of all internet users interacting with blogs regularly, this is a great marketing tool. In fact around 15% of all blogs are created and maintained for business uses.

What Viral Zing will do for you:

Your account specialist will:

Create 2 blogging sites 1 at Blogger and the other at WordPress
Post to these blogs 1-2 times a week
Manage comments, setup any links, and post pictures for your company


Photos & Videos
YouTube Videos can be both funny and informative. With Viral Zing we will visit your business and create some mini-documentaries about your company, your employees and most importantly- your products!

Picasa is an online image organizer, it takes uploaded photos of your store, events, sales and grand openings, and organizes them all in one place. From Picasa we can take these pictures and spread them throughout any of your social networks and create slideshows anywhere you want one.

What you can expect from Viral Zing:

We will come to your store and shoot mini documentary, split it into
12 videos for the next year.
Manage all your photos on Picasa, creating different albums for easy

Why should I use Gmail?
Google Mail or Gmail is a great tool for businesses, with all-in-one functions that can help in better organizing and managing all of your work e-mails, presentations, and documents. Gmail has 50 times more storage than the industry average. All your emails will be easily found and accessed from any computer.

What you can expect from Viral Zing:

Viral Zing will assist your company in managing customer contact information and establishing new company email domains (example: We will also help you to manage important documents online through Google docs by creating an up-to-date website using Google Sites.

Google Calendar
Google Calendars takes the hassle out of booking, remembering, and setting up your daily appointments.  Through Mobile Sync we can easily create, add, or remove all your appointments from your current phone.  While working at the office, you will be able to effortlessly modify appointments on your desktop; any computer update will automatically sync to your phone.

What to expect from Viral Zing:

We will assist your company in utilizing Google Calendars to its fullest extent. Meetings, important sales, and everything else that your business may need in terms of scheduling will be run more efficiently and effectively.

Google Calendar

Mobile Sync
Are you a Google Apps user? With Viral Zing you can be!
Our account specialists are trained to work with both Android and iPhones to help business owners better manage mobile business needs such as; contacts, appointments, and emails.
As a business owner, partner or employee- you will have constant connection to your email, Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendar events anywhere in the world.

Mobile Sync enables fast access to scheduled meetings, appointments, and major events all from your phone
Easy access is a bonus for any business

Google Sites
Viral Zing will build you a Google site customized towards your business needs.
Google sites allows you to add any of the more than 193,000 gadgets to their sites.
Google makes it easy to share documents, calendars, and provides easy access for updating your website.
This website will be updated often to assist you in your Google ranking and SEO. It will also link to your current website, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.

Google Sites

In the digital age, phonebooks are becoming obsolete for a majority of the world. Company searches are now being run online globally
Google Maps has rapidly changed technology with its vast data and unparalleled quality.

Google Maps for Mobile had 200 million users as of May 2011.
Google Maps is accurate and reliable, dependable software.

What to expect from Viral Zing:

Viral Zing will set up your company to run with Google Maps. We will  maintain current information for your company so you can be found by modern customers.
Viral Zing will set-up your business to be found on Google Maps and maintain your page.


Monthly Analytics
Do you know how many visitors come to your site each day? 
If so, how many of those visitors are new and which guests have visited before?  What are customers doing on your site? 
Do they leave within seconds, or are they genuinely interested in your products?

By using Google Analytics on your website-
You will be able to answer all of these questions.  

With Viral Zing:
You will get Monthly Reports sent straight to your e-mail. These reports will show statistics regarding past visitors to your website and show the efficiency of your internet campaigns. With new and improved technology, more customers will be driven to your company. With Viral Zing, we will also compile a list of suggestions to help drive more traffic your way and work together with you to implement those changes in the upcoming month.

Monthly Analytics

Other Reports
We will gather data from your various social media and blogging websites. With this valuable information, analytics will be provided.
You will know how many guests and companies have visited your website in a given month and the quantities of people that were reached by your internet messages.  
Viral Zing assists in evaluating business efficiency, to increase your return on investments.

Surveying your customers base does 2 things:
Provides feedback you can use to help business decisions.
Creates a database of customers who have used your services.
With this information we can give you tools to better shape future business decisions.
What Viral Zing will do for you:

We will create custom surveys, hosted on our site, that your customers can fill out. We recommend using incentives with the survey to ensure more people fill them out (i.e. Free small drink, 15% off etc.). We will design an ad with a QR Code embedded.

Your customers can scan that code with their phones and instantly be linked to their survey. After they have completed it, we will develop a customer base that we can e-mail with regular promotions and advertisements, along with providing you with customer feedback that allows you to tailor your business to suit their needs.


Business Cards
Does your business card have the same look to it as it did back in 1980?

If so, it is time for a business facelift. At Viral Zing we will help design a sleek new look for your business cards.  Each card will incorporate QR codes, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ icons, and if desired, a new logo altogether.

Create a new business logo and use it on customized stickers to make your business stand out.

Daily Deals
You now have a quick an easy way to run your own “Daily Discounts”.  Here at Viral Zing we can take your deal and post it to different deal sites that are prominent in Utah and the surrounding areas such as KSL Deals, Groupon, Deal Pickle, City Gro,  and our very own Viral Zing Deals.

Statistics show that from this Daily Discount Arena that 65% of new customers will become recurring customers to your business.

While not all of your daily deals will be suited for each of these different site, your Account Specialist will work with both you and our multiple contacts to find which fit would be best for your specific deal.  Here is a quick look at some of the markets that Viral Zing will take an active roll to get your product noticed!

Creating Your Video
Viral Zing will help you become your own video outlet. At Viral Zing we will come to your store and create videos that we can upload to Youtube, Picasso, Facebook, and your website.  With the video that we shoot we will split it up into 12 months and post different messages throughout the year.

QR Codes

QR codes can be read anytime, anywhere with mobile phones
Making them so easy and convenient to decode- since special scanners are not required and the camera of mobile phones can scan and present the information contained in the codes.
Quick response through QR codes – Though developed a decade ago in Japan to meet the needs of businesses for inventory control, they are now making inroads into multiple other uses in Europe and are gradually catching on in the U.S. as well.

Mobile Website
Over 60% of all hit traffic on the internet today comes from mobile devices. How frustrated have you been while on your phone surfing the web and having to rely on pinching, zooming and an eagle eye just to check out a website. We’ll take your current site and create a mobile friendly version and provide you with the necessary scripts to have it running alongside your current site.

Core Social Media
Bonus Sites
Daily Discounts
Google Apps
Business Emails
Online Surveys
Phone Coach

Competitors Pricing: $1200+
At Viral Zing: $699 setup
With a monthly upkeep of $199
Maps Sites
Photos and Videos
In Store Video
Google Site
Business Cards
Monthly Analytics
Media Decals
Logo Design