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Published Jun 16, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Yolu ARI - Blok A4 - 4 Maslak -

Foundation Year 2000 Number of Employee 37 (R&D: 27, Other: 10) CEO Prof. M.Levent ARSLAN Business Area Software Speech Technologies Communication Technologies

Sestek Text To Speech Sestek Voice Verification Sestek Speech Analytics Sestek Speech Recognition Sestek Seamless Agent Sestek Outbound IVR

%20 With its rich product range, pioneer role in the university - industry collaboration, financial power and more than 10 years of experience; Sestek is the leader company of Turkish speech technology market. Turkish Speech Technology Market Sestek Other 20 % Sestek 80%

%30 Sestek has ranked among the fastest growing technology companies of programs in 201 2 for the fifth time consecutively since 2008. 2008 2009 2010 2011 Revenue

V oice conversion product for commercial use Turkish speaking TTS software for the visually disabled Turkish compatible Speech Analytics software Patented Seamless Agent software that provides 100% accurate speech recognition by combining speech recognition software with hidden agents Most comprehensive content sharing project with natural language processing for the disabled Speech recognition implementation Voice enabled telephone banking implementation Voice - operated white goods Turkish speaking online newspaper with TTS integration SR - TTS integrated VAS service in Turkey: Turkcell 8080 Finance Line Voice Verification implementation by a native company for GSM operator AVEA

Sestek has a pioneer role in university - industry collaboration by transforming academic knowledge to production Sestek attributes to transformation of theor eti cal knowledge to practise with the help of its qualified personnel, most of whom own master and PhD degrees . Thus employees have the opportunity to create products from their theor eti cal studies in R&D department of Sestek .

With the aim of providing equal opportunities for the disabled, Sestek produces various products and services. TTS solution NetOkur and dictation solution FreeTalk have been used by more than 50.000 visually disabled people in Turkey. Sestek TTS has been used for speech synthesis implementations in Talking implementation, visually disabled people can make banking transactions easily.

Thousands of visually disabled people benefit from NetOkur Information Platform , which enables users to reach and listen book, magazine and newspaper content via telephone . With the help of Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis technologies that are used in the platform, users can dialogue with the system as if they are talking to real people .

Various language options: Turkish, English, German, Azerbaijani Male and female speaker options for each language Installation of more than 100.000 ports. TTS for the visually disabled: NetOkur Talking ATM implementations for the visually disabled Android TTS Mobile Applications iOS COMING SOON COMING SOON

Turkish English German Azerbaijani Melissa Annabella Ulviye Daniel Johannes Orkhan Ersin Athena Sinan

Banking Telecommunications

Kredi Bank - Talking ATM Project Kredi is one of the leading banks of Turkey Problem : Visually disabled people used to have problems with conventional ATMs while making transactions Solution : ATMs began to talk with S estek TTS integration Result : More than 150 ATMs were transformed to Talking ATMs with S estek TTS integration

Akbank Outbound IVR Project Akbank is one of the leading banks of Turkey Problem : Standard salutation and inability to read dynamic information of automated calls used to cause customer dissatisfaction Solution : Sestek TTS was integrated with IVR system (outsource & inhouse ) Result : Personal calls Raise in answered calls and attendance Reading dynamic information in IVR systems

Voice Verification is a biometric speaker verification system that enables securely access to call centers over the phone by creating individual voice prints to authenticate callers by the characteristics of their voices .

Benefits Improved efficiency with reduced costs that result from shorter handle time and increased automation Improved customer experi e nce and satisfaction with elimination of time - consuming traditional security measures such as PIN, password and challenge questions Improved security that results from uniqueness of human voice such as fingerprint and retina which combats fraud and identity theft successfully Low false acceptance & false rejection rates Language independent Easy integration with IVR platforms, back - end enterprise systems and databases

Avea Customer Services Problem : One of the leading GSM operators of Turkey Avea used to apply challenge questions during identity authentication which resulted with increased call duration and customer dissatisfaction. Solution: After Sestek Voice Verification integration identities of customers were authenticated automatically via their voice prints. Result: Approximately 1 million voice print enrollments were realized by the system successfully & 15 - second reduction in call durations was observed.

DenizBank Customer Services Problem : One of the leading banks of of Turkey DenizBank used to apply challenge questions during identity authentication which resulted with increased call duration and customer dissatisfaction. Solution: After Sestek Voice Verification integration , identities of customers were authenticated automatically via their voice prints. Result: First Voice Verification project of Turkish banking industry is realized Customers easily adopted the new technology Customer satifaction increased as a result of decreased call duration

Sestek Speech Analytics transcribes the recorded audio to digital text & analyzes customer - agent interactions in call centers based on its Speech - To - Text and emotion detection technologies and reveals important insights by applying data mining methods .

Speech - to - Text Transcription Emotion detection Topic identification First Call Resolution Trend analysis Online Coaching Google - like search engine Flexible & customizable structure Easy to use with various templates & charts Evaluation module

Keyword Spotting in Speech R ecordings Sestek Speech Analytics is patented with the name of Keyword Spotting in Speech Recordings White Goods Insurance Telecommunications Call Center

Garanti Emeklilik Call Center Problem: Increasing capacity of the call center made it difficult to evaluate interactions with manual analyses. Solution: With the integration of Sestek Speech Analytics all call center interactions transcribed to digital text and began to be evaluated with various analysis. Result: MS CRM integration Personal agent scorecards Improved quality control Personal training programs

Ability to use voice as the main tool for human - machine communication rather than using conventional tools such as keystroke, keyboard .. etc Main technology behind the Speech To Text solutions of Sestek : The Talk Family Area of use : Contact centers, IVR systems, applications that assist the disabled, mobile and embedded systems

Reduces the duration of the conversations at call centers by eliminating the hierarchy that results from the key driven menu . Enables to make choice in complex scripts that is impossible to build with key driven technology Raise in cost advantage and efficiency with the ability to make transactions easily and rapidly INBOUND CALLS Calls answered by agents Calls answered by IVR+SR %30 %70

Sestek Seamless Agent integrates customer representatives with speech recognition software in order to prevent recognition errors and provide accurate transactions . Machine - man collaboration of Sestek Seamless Agent enables the execution of all transactions in an accurate and time conserving manner which provides improved customer services, customer satisfaction and efficiency to corporations . Operator Supported Speech Recognition Method Seamless Agent is a patented technology of Sestek with the name of Operator - Supported Speech Recognition Method

Telecommunications Banking Contact Center White Goods Vendor Banking Turkish mobile applications for iOS with SR Reference for SR Reference for Seamless Agent