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Employee issues / Gladys Steens

Published Apr 19, 2013 in Business & Management
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Harassment, racism and safety violations.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Chronically unsafe * * Safety committee member
Gladys Steens

INCIDENT on 3-25-13
On the 25th of March 2013, Gladys lost control of her MHE and plowed through several of the “safety” cones protecting the operations desk and just narrowly missing direct contact with all Romark personnel and equipment in this area. With each passing day, Gladys’ incidents, growing both in number and in severity, are transitioning from (Occasional workplace occurrences) into a new category appropriately described as (Hazardous workplace practices.) The situation has escalated quickly from its’ original “Oh that’s just Gladys” dismissals, to a point now where I believe many of my co-workers would agree that she has become a legitimate safety concern for all who share a common work space.
Of lesser importance, is the great irony in this situation. For not a day goes by, that I and other associates are not approached and either tutored, coached, scolded, shamed, ridiculed or otherwise harassed by a safety team member whose behaviors uncover the reality that her admittance to the company safety committee is much more about a platform to approach “undesirable associates,” than any noble desire to assist in promoting workplace safety.
Witnessed by: DJ Simon, Myself and other Associates in the area.

Nonfatal Workplace Injuries in Texas 2011
by Industry
TX. 2011.pdf / (pls. see pg. 6) Transportation and Warehousing

Source: Dept. of Labor; Bureau of Labor Statistics,2011

We have the opportunity to create and sustain a safe and cooperative work environment.

Gladys has been sharpening her skills in the art of “Conflict Manufacturing,” through unimpeded and persistent attempts to create verbal altercations with a select few of Romark’s apparently “undesirable employees.”
Perry-I was the beneficiary of the initial “testing of the new approach.” However, having spent time working with many different people in different situations, I recognized her game immediately and refused to fuel her hate.
Angel-Next in line was Angel. She approached him day after day trying to provoke a reaction. But due to advice given him by a friend (P II), he repelled her assaults and moved on with his life
Elpedio-Nearly every other day, Elpedio approaches me and asks why Gladys is always telling him what to do, that his “numbers” are poor, and just recently threatened that he “doesn’t want what happened to Sergei to happen to him, does he.”
This is textbook harassment, if there ever has been. And we need your help in making it stop.
Does anyone notice a pattern in the associates chosen for her daily attacks?

thank you

For your time and attention.