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Top Ten Essay Writing Tips 1.pptx

Published Apr 15, 2013 in Education
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Essay writing is considered to be one of the toughest jobs for a student but once the student learns the art of writing an essay, he or she enjoys writing every single word of their essay

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Top Ten Essay Writing Tips

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Essay writing is considered to be one of the toughest jobs for a student but once the student learns the art of writing an essay, he or she enjoys writing every single word of their essay. Those students who can write good essays during their academic time period also provide essay writing service to others to help them in completing their essay writing requirement. A person is not judged from the level of his or her intelligence but now a person is termed to be educated if he or she is cable of writing some good essays as now the corporate world has been making all of its correspondence in written form.
It has been observed that uk essay writing service has been admired by most of the people, especially when it comes to write a dissertation as they have been taking care of each and every detail of writing a good quality material, either it is a simple essay or a uk dissertation. Dissertations are among the most difficult report to be written for which one must follow some of the basic writing tips in order to be successful. Below are top ten tips which one should follow for writing a quality material.  

Avoiding Procrastination

You may have heard from your elders saying that don’t rush things, it will not end well, they were right. Same is the case when we talk about writing tips. Procrastination points towards the rushing of the project which will eventually end up with many of the mistakes. It is better for you to avoid procrastination for positive results.

Developing Assignment Understanding

Students often do this mistake in their dissertation. If one is not clear about its learning and what this teaching will give him or her, it is much better for you to clear all the doubts before starting with the website.

Using an Outline

According to most of the people, this step is not an important one and is considered to be an extra work but use of an outline surely helps in making your essay flawless. People who don’t outline their essays eventually fail in providing a structured work and product that lacks some flaws.

Going through Examples of Academic Essay Writing

If you are looking for some help in the writing of the dissertation, a complete and thorough evaluation of an essay will not only help you in having a much stronger understanding of the process of writing but it may also provide some critical information with help eventually help in the improvement of the students grade.

Avoiding Plagiarism

A research that was made recently proved that around 75% of the students use to adopt the method of cheating when they are in their colleges. It has now become easier to copy the material as there is a huge data available over the internet but in reality, you are only cheating yourself and are playing with your career. It is important to cite ( the sources appropriately that are being used during the making of essay or dissertation and the remaining of the content should also be unique and not copied.

Making a Rough Draft

A rough draft of your essay usually depends upon the outline that you have drafted that will result in a product that could be confidently presented. When making your rough draft, you should not take notice about your improper spelling and grammar. The thing for which you should look for is the tone of the material and its good flow.

Writing Many Drafts

When you are writing an essay, try to make more than one draft. With every other draft that you will make, your content will get more meaningful and relevant to your topic and will have the correct tone reducing the chances of making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Using Direct Language

While writing an essay, you will most probably want to stay within the word count that is assigned to you. No doubt it is very tempting to add large and fancy words or sentences but your employer or professor will require you to use one single word besides using ten words within an essay.

Formatting your essay

Don’t present your essay with an informal formatting style. Make sure that you use standard size of fonts and your written material should have proper paragraphs.

Look for Editor

It is always best to have a second pair of eyes that will go through your essay. For this, look for such a person who is a good writer and can give you some good opinions and suggestions for your written work with honesty.


Writing is an art which could not only simplify the process of communication but also defines the person who has written that content. Essays and dissertations should be crafted with proper writing methods so that they could serve the purpose for which they have been written.

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