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South korea comic sans

Published Mar 11, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

South korea
Mde by josef kim
(a koreen)

lyke north korea, but south

1953, was lyke a big deel or somethin

cool moosic
too cool
4 skool
Not really

So there lyke south
Dey hab a repbulc
or somthin
Lyke merica but asian
Their leder
Asian obama
Dees is seoul, their
Hedaquarters of asian
Thers a song bout it

So asian
Inp day is Aug. 15
Cuz japan lettem go

Not july ferth das merica

Da ppl
dey yllow n proud
48,860,500 koreens
Not very chinese of them
Dey aint bunnehs
Christian 31.6% (Protestant 24%, Roman Catholic 7.6%), Buddhist 24.2%, other or unknown 0.9%, none 43.3%

confucia say whut
so confucia lolz
looka lyke the asian eyes
Obligatery miltery service
20-30 yrs old
Ppl gots ta serve

money $$$
3.8% unemplyed

lazy asians lawlz
semiconductors, wireless telecommunications equipment, motor vehicles, computers, steel, ships, petrochemicals

da fuq?
dat grose domestic product yo:
$1.622 trillion (2012 est.)
rapidly aging population, inflexible labor market, and heavy reliance on exports

silly asians

Called a won
Not won ton das chinese
Like 9 dolars

Dey hab a flag
asian pride yo
Asian good
Asian bad
So exotic

are yu fergalicious cuz you ta-ta-ta-tasty tasty
Chopsicks lyke ferks but wood

Lyke 1 bilion hits on oppa gangnam style
pic of him as a baby
Involve ridin a hoerse?
So majestic
Is dat Sarah Jessica Parker?

No they dont all look da same.
So rasict

jus south korea
North korea don’t belieb in south

dey hab slanty eyes

Asian, not merican