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Published Jun 1, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Mastery: Timeline JourneyBy Anthony LaRocca

End Goal of my Mastery JourneyMy end goal of my studies is to achieve great understanding of the business aspect of film making. This will enable me to make producing/marketing decisions for films and understand the concepts to make decisions in a production company setting.

Mastery: Personal DevelopmentTo discover what I want to do to reach my career goal and makes the first steps in really achieving it.Finish reading Robert Greene's Book: Mastery to gain insight of becoming a master.Watch tutorial on how to become a thought leader:

Executive LeadershipTo learn how to become a leader in the film industry. I want to take more initiative on projects that I work on from now on.Apply for Platinum Work Study to work on more productions and to gain experience.Read Authentic Leadership by Bill George to gain insight on becoming a leader.Watch the course on Lynda on becoming a leader:

Project and Team ManagementI want to gain skills that would help me better manage projects and become more efficient at project management.Watch Team Management on Lynda: Project Management tutorial on Lynda:

Business Storytelling and Brand DevelopmentI want to enhance my brand. I want to get my photography and videography noticed.I want to enhance my website and logos and start getting my work out to people and start being noticed.Learn Adobe Illustrator to make graphics and logos that can enhance my brand:

Entertainment Business Finance I want to learn how to manage finances during a project. I can also apply it to freelance projects for clients.I want to read Filmmakers and Financing: Business plans for independents by Louise Levison from the library.Watch a Lynda tutorial on excel so I can better manage finances for whatever task I am doing. It will help compliment the things I learn in class:

Negotiating and Deal-Making I want to leave this class with a better understanding of of making business decisions. I want to apply what I learn to freelance work.I want to really establish my prices for my photography and video services.Watch a Lynda tutorial on negotiating to better further making decisions:

Product and Artist Management I want to really enhance my photography and videography service to deliver the best to the clients. Read Product Manager’s Field Guide by Linda GorchelsWatch a tutorial about freelance services on Lynda to help me prepare managing what I do:

Advanced Entertainment Law I want to make sure that all of my projects fall under being copyright safe. I want to make sure that nothing is breaking copyright in any way.I want to take steps to make sure my work is copyright protected and incorporating copyright into all my photos metadata and all video is copyrighted.I want to watch the course on Intellectual property on Lynda to better understand this topic:

Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution I really want to grasp distribution and start applying it to my work.I have a short film that I was a part of and I was given the task to get it into film festivals so when the film is finished I want this class to really assist in that.Read The Insiders Guide to Independent film Distribution by Stacey Parks from the library.

Digital Marketing I want to better enhance my marketing abilities for the photography and videography I do. I want to get the projects I work on from now on better marketed.I want to get my work and my business market on social media websites.Watch

Business Plan Development I want to really plan out my business of photography and videography services.Watch start meeting with career development to assist in my transition out of school.

Final Project: Business Plan I want to finalize my plan for my career and really leave Full Sail with a solid plan for my career.I want to start really building experience with photography and videography and start looking for production companies to work for as well.Watch

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Industry InvolvementContinue being a park of SPARKApply for work study for Platinum ProductionsBe part of Pop Press organization on campus.Attend pure motivational events

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