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Advocate for Yourself

Published Mar 6, 2014 in Other
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View our “Advocate for Yourself” presentation to learn more about how to stand up for yourself and become a self-advocate.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

EQUIP FOR EQUALITYAdvocate for Yourself! Training Institute on Disability Rights

2Self-AdvocacyWhat is it?Protect your rightsMake sure your needs are metMake sure you are supported in making decisions for yourselfNOW! When is it time to start self-advocating?

3Kinds of Self-AdvocacyIndividualResults that help one person Systemic Advocacy efforts that help many people through a change in the system, a new lawor a better policy

4Individual Self-AdvocacyExamplesAsking for an interpreter for an important meeting Bringing someone you trust to your doctor’s appointment, so they can explain anything you don’t understand.

5Systemic AdvocacyExamplesAsking the hospital, “What is your policy for hiring sign-language interpreters?”Talking to your legislature about changing a law so more people with disabilities can get help finding a job.

6Why Self-Advocacy Is ImportantMake sure your needs are metMake sure your rights are protectedPower in numbers!

7Steps to Follow to Be a Self-AdvocateUnderstand that you are importantDecide what needs to be changedChoose a goalDo the most important thing firstGet informationMake a plan of actionLook back

8How to Self-AdvocateUnderstand that you are important You are a lawmaker! You are a voter! You are a PERSON!

9How to Self-AdvocateUnderstand that you are important Share something about yourself that’s unique about you.

10How to Self-AdvocateDecide what needs to be changedWhat have you been having problems with?Is there something that you want to improve in your life?

11How to Self-AdvocateDefine your goalWhat is going on now that isn’t working?What do you need?What do you want to be able to do that you can’t do now?

12How to Self-AdvocateDo the Most Important Thing FirstWhich issue on your list is most important?Which is second? Third?Helps you decide what you want to do first

13How to Self-AdvocateGet informationWhat do you know about your issue?Do you have all of the facts?Where can you find information?

14How to Self-AdvocatePlan of action What could you do to reach your goal?Go for it! What steps can you take? What is the best plan? Where can you find support?

15How to Self-AdvocateLook back Helps you stay motivated Helps you improve You will see how much you have accomplished!

16Self-AdvocacyYOU CAN DO IT!!!