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A Guide To 360 degree Organizational View

Published Jan 16, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presented by Every organization needs to identify its core competencies and process management architecture to enable successful, business operation. Following this presentation will help you get a complete overview of your orga

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A Guide to 360 degree Organizational View
Presented by

Organizational Objectives
Greater adaptability and flexibility
Better insights, better decisions
Optimized performance
Collaboration and team work
Technology empowerment
Aligning IT and business
Innovation and customer-centric approach

- not only to survive but also to thrive

What is 360 degree view
Understanding past, present and future of an organization
Collecting, organizing and connecting enterprise information
Analyzing and involving key stakeholders
Identifying challenges and shortcomings
Evaluating opportunities
Analyzing facts and business processes

- from top, bottom, up and down

When you can see more
You do More

Why 360 degree view?
Sustainable business architecture
Harmony between people, process and system
Standardized workflow
Enhanced productivity
Collaborative work environment
Transparency, security and centralization
Smooth internal communication
Happy customers and employees

Seeing is believing

Strategies to be Successful
Visualize risk and opportunities
Analyze process efficiency
Expand capabilities
Share and collaborate resources
Optimize workflow
Enhance IT infrastructures
Leverage enterprise efficiency

- to take informed decisions

Choose a BPM specialist who…
Helps you get a closer look of your organization
Identifies critical areas of business operation
Gives you insights and flexibility to react in challenging environments
Provides training and consultancy services

BPM suite for total solutions
Business Process Analysis
Business Process Management
Enterprise Architecture and Governance
Risk & Compliance Management
Project Management
Application Portfolio Management
Process Management Training

(Making business efficiency a way of life)