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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Domestic Animal AbuseFollowing the paw prints of those who sufferedBy: Leia Guo

Meet OogyTied to a stake as bait for a Pit BullResult: Lost half his face and crushed his jawRescued by a loving homeowner

This is MidnightNo longer loved by those he trustedHad a 3-inch gash in his side that went unnoticedHealing and learning to love again

Many cases happen everyday…Even more go unreported…

Those abused in 2007 alone…64.5% were man’s best friend18% were lap climbers25% were other domestic animals…

Total: 1,880

This happens all over the world!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes…birdscatsdogsgerbilschickens

They fill our lives with humour and love…They are loyal and caring…So why do we abuse them?

What counts as domestic animal abuse? Passive AbuseActive Abuse

Active Abuse

Passive Abuse

So what can you do to help???

Volunteer at your local humane societySpend time with animals in need!

Host a charity event for the animalscollect donations so that every animal has a home!

Join or make a campaign to help people open their eyesshow others you care!

Our local heroes!

Help save the lives of innocent souls…Become a champion of domestic animal protection!