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Published Oct 22, 2013 in Technology
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This is an overview of the BigObject, where you can find the position, principle, performance and the spirit of this newly-launched technology. More details will be released here and on
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

An agile big data analytic engine

The BigObject: What and Why?

The BigObject: TargetOur

ApplicationComputing Engine for BI ToolMulti-dimensional InfographicsPre-built Components: Association for Recommendation SystemSignificance for Market SegmentationLog AnalysisException DetectionComputing Engine in Scientific FieldsClimate SimulationDNA

PerformanceCompute 1M Data RecordsCompute 100M Data Records0.07BigObject MySQL PostgresSQL Commercial

Why the BigObject Outperforms Others?Technical Principles of the

Dealing With Big DataThe Portraits of Big Data3Vs of big data: Volume, Velocity, VarietyWe have dealt with Volume by Scale-out and Velocity by Scale-up Another V shouldn’t be neglected – Valence, the degree of interdependency among data components, which normally causes data shuffling.In-place Computing Model is designed to solve high-valence big data

Scale-Out, Scale-Up, and Spread out the data components over a flat, virtually infinite address space, where data are ready for the CPU to

264: Nearly Infinite The introduction of 64-bit CPU evokes revisit to the software discipline.When address space is nearly infinite, why don’t we place the data components over it and make them ready for computations instead of moving the data to program?In-place Computing Approach can be the lingua franca of big data analytic

Time to Revisit the Computing ModelTraditional ApproachIn-place Approach1. Data Retrievals2. Juggling3. SwappingPaging(On-demand)


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