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The Quatrune Brain Map

Published Sep 28, 2013 in Science
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Slideshow for presentation by Roberta Shoemaker-Beal to the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies on June 26, 2012 (

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Quatrune Brain MapFinding the golden key to EVERYONE's creativity !

The Quatrune Brain Map A new brain map that includes the arts, for whole-brain education and therapeutic interventionRoberta Shoemaker-Beal, MFA, ATR-BC

Does everyone have their golden key to unlock their creative potentials?One key to transformation and for adjusting tothe many changes of the paradigms shifts is toDefine creativity as a whole-brain experience!

Creative and Critical Thinking is being lost, because …Arts are too much trouble.Take too long, too messy.Kids raise too many questions.Students get too energized!So, sit still, be quiet, do not move and do not look out the window!

* A CALL: May we all evolve with ….. …. whole-brain we can open ……… to an enriched consciousness… * Dr. Richard Florida, scholar, says Austin is Creativity City # 1

Overview Preamble with gratitude: the creative stateI. CreativityII. Creative Loop ProcessDiscovering your natural, personal CEOIII. Q-Brain MapSeeing the arts as foundational to embedded, experiential learning

Creativity is a natural high!Louis Savary in the 1970's.The era of exploring our creative potentialfrom dreams to self~expressive art

Δ Strive for Peak Experience Dr.Abraham MaslowThe 3rd force in psychology in the 1960’sShift! Away from you have to be crazy to be creative! Too….

~ The FLOW Experience ~Dr. C! Dr. Creativity ~ Dr. Mihalyi CsiksentmihalyiFollowing Dr. Rollo may while leading Positive PsychologyCreativity is the highest form of functioning ! Δ~ ~ ~ ~

Problem:Sputnik De-evolution EraAmerican 150 year education experiment is failing. Schools are being dehumanized. Texas is 47thNational character is being reduced. Education is being shrunken to … readin', 'riting and 'rithematic.American education is being dumb-ed down.Solution:

Solution:Return whole-brain education to the schoolsRecognize the arts as a foundation forEffective education: experiential learning, enduresEspecially within Anyone's natural mode of learning style.

May we all evolve with ….. …. whole-brain functioning.… so we can open … to an enriched consciousness.

Call for a center for creativity in every home, classroom and neighborhood.

Art therapy is ART WITH A DIFFERENT INTENTION Art for personal growthAny change I have ever seen from a blocked personcame from a shift in deep consciousness levels:From the pre-conscious, the unconscious and the collective unconscious levels,the preverbal levels of deeply self-views. Self-expressive artwork, art for personal growth taps The same level of psyche as dreams

An acorn image entelecheyIn resonance with entelechy: Dr. CarlJungIn resonance with the seed core of our being.

For growth and change to happen, a shift in the PRE-verbal must happen!Self-perceptions change across time. Adapting to change is dynamics of life! Art therapy can look at self-perceptions, often assumed, not processedBody image ─ progresses over time, with age, or not?Self views ─ How am I In this world? Have self-mastery? Creative active problem-solving skills. YES !!! NO ???World views ─ What world to I live in? Open? Closed?Inclusive ~ exclusive?Cosmic views ─ What are belief systems, grasp of the invisible? SHIFT HAPPENS !!! UN-CNS <> CNS

Imagine walking into a labyrinth …… to meditate on the inner seed core of your being … The labyrinth is an ancient design found as petro-glyphs in rocks, in caves around the world. On 3,000 years old coins from Crete. This is an old design, the 7 cycle Cretan with a uni-cursal pathway … leading to the center. Not the same as a maze … The recent Labyrinth Movement

There are mystery learners who may not yet have found …the inner spark of creativity … Diane Pierce, KAPS School

Creative Loop ProcessDiscovering your natural mode of learningDiscovering your personal CEO

Imagine a labyrinth to move to the seed core of your self: entelechy To image moving through your creative loops of life …

Q-Brain MapSeeing the arts as foundationalto embedded, experiential learning.Going for a whole-brain education !!!Mapping the possibilities ….

A short, a very short history of brain mapping

Contemplating a skull: Phrenology <> neuro-imagingalchemy <> chemistry chemistry<> biochemistry <> neuro-transmitters; brain drugs

The Triune Brain Map of Dr. Paul MacLean helps!Simplifying our multi-dimensional naturewith an evolutionary brain mapTaught in medical schools since the ‘50’sTwo sides of lateral bi-brain taught to introduce the public, through education Visual verbal of Dr. Victor Lowenfeld, art educator …

  Actual Brain MRI

Plan on a regular basis to go back to baseline,Leave the tech-NO monkey brain behind!Reclaim the seed core of your Self !De-volve consciously and return refreshed!go to the darkness, swimming in the primal seas…

May we all evolve with … … whole-brain functioning.… so we can live open … yet grounded for … … an enriched consciousness within an enriched society.

Δ Live in your natural high! Live in creative loops in your life! Give your gifts! Enrich your world!Let us all live in an enriched world!

May your creativity flow smoothly Through sacred creative loops Throughout your life!