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Published Oct 28, 2017 in Politics
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Dr Julian Manley: Presentation to Preston City Council with recommendations for the creation of a Co-operative network for Preston, March 2016.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

ConclusionsDr Julian Manley:Conclusions and recommendations to Preston City Council arising from the UCLan report on co-operative activity in Preston9 March 2016

A Co-operative NetworkThe formal setting up of a network of co-operative groups in Preston that would be initially be facilitated and led by the Council. This would lend it status and legitimacy land link it to city wide goals and initiatives. Although an information and advice is vital there is also scope for a pro-active developmental role.

Linked to political/economic strategiesThe network can be developed in line with other local economic and social strategies, especially those policies highlighted by the CLES report in relation to Anchor Institutions and local wealth building and retention. Despite financial cuts, the Council exercises influence in key areas of the local economy and so retains potential as enabler.

Supported by the 4 pillars of co-operative network structureIn conjunction with the network, the four pillars of co-operative development - Education, Finance, R&D, and Welfare/health – can be promoted.

Co-op NW & UCLanGraduatesTrainingGapAnchor institutions

Creative thinking with unused Council propertyA creative approach should be adopted in relation to Council property/offices that are currently out of use, such as renting of disused Council property to fledgling co-operative organisations.

Links to the outsideNational and regional inks to hubs of co-operative activity should be encouraged., Connections to international co-operative organisations such as Mondragón and the Evergreen Co-operatives should be strengthened including reciprocal study visits

Existing local strength & potentialExisting knowledge and expertise in existing co-operative activity in Preston should be mapped, recognized and shared with other groups and organisations.

An exampleA flagship/example of a worker owned co-operative in Preston could be used to demonstrate the ideas and practices that produce a successful co-operative business.

Partnership between Council, UCLan & Co-op NWThe offer by Co-operatives NW to make available their knowledge and expertise in helping to start up co-ops should be taken up. A partnership could be established with UClan to develop co-operative education and research.

Authors and thanksReport – Co-operative Activity in Preston (2016) - by Dr Julian Manley & Professor Lynn Froggett of the Psychosocial Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire.Thanks to Cllr Matthew Brown and Derek Whyte and his team.Thanks to all those, too numerous to name, who enthusiastically and generously contributed to the report.