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Published Aug 2, 2013 in Business & Management
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Just like any other equipment or asset that one treasures

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7 important Mac Maintenance TipsPublished by :

Just like any other equipment or asset that one treasures, there are certain measures that one should be keen on when it comes to mac maintenance. When it comes to dealing with Mac maintenance, the most important aspects is keeping ensuring good software conditions to reduce hardware arising hardware issues. This article gives some of the important tips to consider when maintaining your Mac. For details and information on how to clean your Mac visit Nutrition mac.

Make Backups and Recovery One of the most important things that one needs to be keen on when maintaining a Mac hardware and software to get the best out of it is to ensure that they are having a good back up regularly to ensure recovery in-case of anything. There are a variety of Apple's back up options that includes online backup, external hard drive or use of Compact discs. This will hep in ensuring that you get the information that you had before there was a problem.

Apple's Recommended Maintenance. Apart from just Mac cleaning, there are more recommended maintenance which are required done to your Mac. It is important to stay up to date and know the new tactics that can be applied to ensure that one gets the best maintenance toe their Mac. Apple are concerned and are ready to help in any cases that will ensure that their customers are happy and are giving their Mac the best maintenance available. With that it is advisable that one have their software and options up-to date. Doing this will ensure that bugs are fixed and that one can apply new techniques and ideas that are available.

Mac runs UNIX: Set up the script automation. UNIX has been used as the backbone of Mac's OS X. this will mean that there are applications and various tasks that are required to run in the background when Mac is running. Making changes to the utility terminal is therefore advised to ensure that the UNIX scripts are well set so that automatic tasks are done to ensure it running smoothly. It is advisable to keep them set to 30 days or less to ensure all maintenance that are necessary are made. To learn more about this and other tips don't forget to read more from Nutrition Mac.

Hard drive Defragmentation Maintenance. Based on Apple's recommendation, it is necessary to do a defragmentation especially when doing lots of activities with the Mac. Active Mac users like graphic designers and writers who delete a lot of files should also have their desktop cleared of files at all times. It is important to keep the desktop and hard drive cleared and emptied of files of less importance so as to reduce loading speeds since having many files will slow the performance.

Repair Permissions. It is important to have a check up on any broken files or paths to ensure that everything is working as it is supposed to be. However this is rarely done, it is important so that everything is in it's order. To make repairs and necessary permissions, Go to See Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and the “Verify Permissions” and “Repair Permissions” check box.

Restart your Mac. Refreshing usually helps with speeding up of performance and file database. In a similar way, restarting also refreshes and performance also improves. Leaving the laptop on sleep mode all the time is not the best way to go. Instead the clearing of software issues can be done when a restart is done.

Daily watch your Mac’s dashboard. It is also important to keep an eye on whatever goes on in your Mac. This will help to determine and fix any necessary software issues and changes. Watching activities from the dashboard will help in determining and finding out statuses and how your Mac is working. To access the monitoring screen in your Mac, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. The screen tells you the tasks and what is happening when using your Mac. There is much more to learn about maintaining your Mac. For more make sure to visit

Summary Like every other important asset that one treasures and takes care of, Mac should also be given good maintenance. This guide gives comprehensive tips to maintain your Mac. Visit this site to lean more :