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Published Jul 31, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The kim jonday fandomA powerpoint presentatiin by twinkier-than-a-twinkieWhat do chen stans do?A look into the …Why are chen stans so quiet?I am here to answer all ur stupod questtions“Cooler than ur oppars”Shut the fuk up im here to explane.

INTRODUTIONI BET ONLy 30% of you actully kno who chen really is like1. Hes real name is KIM JONGDAE.2. HES GAY strIPPER NAME IS CHEN.THESE TWO PICS on the right ARE THE GAY STRIPPER CHEN.“Um, yea,and wer’e flowers boys today,Um, with ,um like, um flowers and stuff,And colorful,and um,ready to ,go um,onA date” –wu yifanAND THIS IS KIM JONGDAE:Tbh jongdae kinda looks ike a gay stripper tooLook at tha sweet haircat tho >>>>>>>>My uterus hurts.“lead vocal” -smIn reality chin is the main dancer

HE’S THE “TROLL” or wateverHe makes fun of da mememembers a lot.he caclled chris olld on some chinese yahoo thingg. (idk surch it up)“chen is pronounced chin changsha style.” - yixxingHe’s a litel piece of shite>>>>>>>Chin thinks that the onlyBenefoot of having12 memebersIs datt thye can startA cyclinng club.Wtf.chin doesn’t give twoo shits about u.“my family has 4 memembers, mom,dad,older brother and me.”Tbh we all have a little cheen inside of us.“don’t talk to me unless ur a purpler rubber duccky.”DANCEEING MACHINE!!

“THE KIM JONDIE FANDOM”Shuho is in thos fandom too.“jongdae dongsaaee im ur biggest fan!” -kim junmyeonnaiseU idots toke all the good jokes.Look me in the eyeAnd tell me he’sNot team bottoimFirst off, let me say that we do not “stan” chen. We breathe chen, we do chen, we drink chen,We worship chen, we are chen. Chen is our spirit animal.CHEN IS THE CHOSEN ONE.this fandom is depressingCuz the only person weCan ship him with is suhoe.

Why we love Kim Jongdae:Okay im srry I made of him but here are the real reasons .The Chen stans are probably one of the most serious fandoms in the kpop world.Although Chen is shown to be mischievous and playful, in reality he is just like one of Most talented and determined person you’ll ever know.Back in the days where EXO-M were performing in China, Chen was clueless but heStill held his head up straight. Keep in mind that Chen had only trained about a yearBefore debuting in a country that is completely unfamiliar to him. Chen was often Neglected out of the group. Fans would comment on how “The two korean membersWere lacking comparing to the chinese ones.” Chen’s posters were knocked down andIgnored at concerts, and his fan base was small. But the don’t worry, we are here.Our precious jongdae still kept his smiles on, even though he wasn’t very Popular. This is why I loved jongdae since the beginning, he had always catchedMy attention. HIS VOICE IS AMAZING, although some people critisize his “straining” It’s still pretty darn beautiful. And his dancing skills, I don’t think enough people realiseHow talented he is. Don’t compare jongdae to the otherDancer of exo like Kai and Lay etc. Because Chen only trainedFor one year. Plus he had to learn chinese and perfect the dances for mama and history.Don’t you guys realise how much work that is? He did it in under one year.Please take ur time to read this

WOLF ERAThe wolf era is the time for our precious chen chen to shine. I noticed that he is muchMore comfortable on camera now. We really got to see his true personality. AlthoughHe makes fun of the members sometimes and what not, he is still a really good guy.His dancing has improved, his singing is better than ever and his smile is even brighterThan the sun.Okay, im going to leave it to here. I hope this presentation taught you about our amazingKim Jongdae. Please support him more!  On behalf of the Chen stans, we love you!Please enjoy Chen’s beautiful face (wow I think im crying after writing this lol) Chen is more than a bias for me, he’s my role model and inspiration.