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Published Jul 25, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

MAKING WA VES H AM ILT ON TRAINING OUTLINE , JAN U AR Y 2013 1. Introducing ourselves and Making Waves ! SARAH ¥ Exec members ¥ Making Waves (the program) ¥ Sort - of starting up again ¥ Facilitating communication between instructors and students ¥ Go around and have everyone introduce themselves o Name, Program, Year, a fun fact about yourself 2. ICEBREAKER : Bang (with names) ! SARAH 3. Logistics and Expectations ! JEN (TINA and SARAH will help) ¥ Lessons: Feb 2, location, ti me, bus etc ¥ Being present at lessons o No excuses for missing lessons o NO BEING LATE o Plan for your midterms ahead of time Ð look at your calendar NOW ¥ Absences: o Midterms Ð let us know this week o Other reasons to miss that you know Ð let us know asap o Let us know by the Thursday (or ASAP) if you are going to be missing a lesson and you donÕt know ahead of time o Sick the day of: (write them down now) " SarahÕs phone number: 905 379 4739 " JenÕs number: 905 630 3834 " If you are sick in the morning (AKA not hungover) contact us at this number " Hungover Ð too bad, youÕre going to lessons ¥ Substitutions o We will try to contact you as soon as we know o We may have to call the morning of o CAN WE GET YO NUMBAS? ¥ Expectations of instructors: o Show up (sober) and ON TIME o If you canÕt show up, let us know ahead of time o Communication with us and with parents over the semester o Help out with fundraising o Little progress reports (what you have worked on and what you want them to work on later). We appreciate you handing them in on time. o Q: What are your expectations of us as an executive? ¥ Instructor - student assignments o Print - outs handed out 3b: ICEBREAKER: Ninja ! SARAH

4. Lessons ! TINA ¥ Skills to be focusing on : o Emphasize water safety " Asking permission to go into the water etc o Being comfortable in the water o Basic swim skills o Fun Ð use lots of games! ¥ Expectations of what you will teach your students ¥ Ideas for filling lessons: o We will be sending out a googledoc, feel free to contribute games and ideas for teaching skills o (We will start it off with stuff mentioned in the instructor manual) ¥ Substitutes Ð here is what to do, here is what we expect o Make sure you communicate with the parents o Introduce yourself o Find out what they have been working on (if we cannot communicate this to you) from parents o Instructors: if you let us know ahead of time, we can give this sort of information to the substitute! ¥ Reflections on your first lesson o We will have a 10 minute pow - wow before the second lesson o Try to get on deck as soon as you can when you get to the YMCA o Keeping lines of communication open ¥ Communication with parents : Talking to them before the first lesson o Print and intake form, 1 for every 2 people " Instructors can star what they think is most important o What we think is vital to ask: " Do any of the students have seizures " Do any have severe allergies " Do any have medical concerns that we should be aware of o Finding out from parents what strategies they use to communicate 5. Challenging Behaviours and Scenarios ! JEN AND TINA ¥ All behaviour is commun ication ! how do we communicate with kids, making our language accessible to them ¥ Why do kids do certain behaviours, like running away? Keep this in mind. o A way for them to communicate ¥ Doing the Scenarios first o Groups of 4: you are given a scenario (5 mins ) " Take them up o Different groups of 4: you get a second scenario (5 mins) " Take them up o Can emphasize that we donÕt always know what is the right thing to do. There are other factors that are not accounted for here

¥ Sheets of information about challenging beh aviours Ð discuss anything relevant that hasnÕt already come up ¥ Scenarios list o Helpful because realistic " This actually happened to me and I didnÕt know what to doÉ o Stuff past instructors have struggled with o You donÕt Òhave to knowÓ but you have other colleagues you can talk with about this Responsibility: ¥ Jen will print the bios ¥ Behaviour issue sheets Ð Tina Ð one per group of 4 ¥ Intake report Ð Sarah will print it ¥ Cheesy name - tags: Tina will check if she has any at home o Bring white board markers and sharpies Instructor Training Manual (What to highlight in an email) ¥ Pages 9 - 10: Intake form ¥ Pages 11 - 13: Skills to work on in the water ¥ Pages 21 - 23: How to write a progress report ¥ Pages 29 - 41: Information on specific disabilities ¥ Pages 42 - 46: Challenging behaviour ¥ Pages 49 - 55: Instructor tips