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Published Jul 12, 2013 in Business & Management
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So, you’re a skater, a surfer or a guy or gal who likes to have fun

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How to Choose the Right Urban Clothing for You
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So, you’re a skater, a surfer or a guy or gal who likes to have fun. What kind of clothes do you want to wear? Something loose, comfortable, and trendy? Something that says I’m self-assured and ready to have a good time?
When shopping for urban clothing, there are a few things you should know because not all brands are created equally. In fact, when it comes to quality clothing, nothing beats the selection you find at Box13. There’s a reason why we’re so popular. We carry clothing for both men and women and pride ourselves on offering the best quality apparel money can buy.

Here’s how you can choose the right urban clothing for you:
Select a style and run with it. If you like particular brands like Dickies, New Era Caps or Supra Footwear, make sure to purchase the apparel and footwear you feel best represents you and your lifestyle. For example, you know skaters are most comfortable in looser fitting clothing. Select clothing that is comfortable to skate in. You’re likely to be wearing the apparel while you’re at the skate park, right? In that case, you’ll want to feel confident while riding your skateboard.
Set a budget that you can work with. You know how much certain brands cost. Make sure to allow yourself enough money to work with when purchasing new apparel for your wardrobe. Also, keep in mind how much use you can get from one item. For example, if you choose a pair of board shorts in a neutral color so that you can wear them with a number of different shirts. You can dress them up with a button up shirt and dress them down with a t-shirt.
Choose colors that represent your personality. If you’re more of a subdued type of person, light colors will be ideal. If you’re bold and outrageous, bright colors are exactly what you’re looking for. Take into account that different color schemes will be available during different times of the year to fit the seasons. If you like a particular color that you haven’t seen in a while, stock up on it. It may be awhile before you’re able to buy it again.

Select apparel that fits and flatters. Patterns are great but can make the wrong person look short and dumpy. Keep in mind what type of lines look best on your body type. For example, horizontal lines make a person look short and wide. Diagonal lines can shorten or elongate the body depending on height and appearance. Choose patterns that are classic so you can continue to wear your favorite urban clothing years after you’ve purchased it. You’ll also want to make sure that your apparel fits the way you want it to. You need to know if a brand is true-to-size or if it runs small or big. A sizing chart on most websites can help you determine what size you need to order.
Pick material that is comfortable. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the last thing you want to do is be hot. Select fabric that ‘breathes’. It will leave you feeling cooler than some blends.Cotton is ideal in summer weather while nylon tends to be more ideal in cooler weather. Short sleeves are great for warmer climate whereas long sleeves are better in cooler seasons and in colder climate.
Choose clothing that is easy to launder. You don’t want to spend hours caring for your new apparel so make sure to read tags before buying anything. It feels terrible to throw a new shirt in the dryer only to learn that you shrank it and can no longer wear it. You want clothing you don’t have to put much thought into. You want to be able to wash, dry, and wear it with ease.

Select quality over quantity. It may be easier said than done to refrain from buying clothing just because it’s cheap but you’ll save yourself money in the long run. Poor crafted workmanship causes apparel to look and feel poorly. After one or two cycles in the washing machine, the garments fade and tear. A well-crafted piece of clothing is stitched well, made from quality materials, and looks great. You can count of wearing your favorite shirt or jacket for years when you opt to buy the best apparel money can buy.
Choose an occasion and then dress the part. If you have a special event to attend, you can still remain true to your style by choosing clothing that is a bit more formal than your everyday wear. There’s plenty of apparel for you to choose from. For example, a nice pair of slacks and a button up shirt can make it easy for you to go from the beach to the boardroom or to dinner with friends. Keep this in mind when choosing clothing to buy. You’ll want a mixture of casual and formal clothing to take care of all of your needs.
The right clothing delivers a bold message to the world. It tells the public that you’re the type of person that takes pride in dressing nice. A colorful t-shirt, embroidered hoodie, and new pair of sneakers can take your look to the next level very quickly. Just decide what style fits your personality and go with it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many people feel the same way that you do.

Clothing is more than just fashion. It’s an extension of you as a person. It reflects your thoughts, interests, and personality. When it comes to choosing the right urban clothing for you, take into account cost, craftsmanship, and style. You want the apparel that you wear to speak about you as a person. You want it to communicate a message to the public about what a great guy or gal you are and that you’re passionate about skating or surfing.

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