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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Homestuck characters
As seen by my best friend veliloraptor
(who knows nothing about it)

by moderatelyRambunctious

John. Pretty cool guy, not too popular, but has a few friends
Celia's younger sister, Sandy. Strives to be just like her sister, but instead annoys her
Kyle. Thinks he knows everything. Can be a dick and not really well liked
Hmm. Jeanie. Sweet, quiet girl, secretly a freak (don't ask why I guess that because I don't even know)

Julia, the socially awkward girl that no one likes to be around.
Or maybe it’s a guy? I’ll call her Davey.
Mike. Condescending prick that has those rare moments where he's cool but girls still love for whatever reason
Celia. She's a whore and she knows it. Popular, and a bitch
OHHHH FUCK HE IS PERFECT. Derek. He's popular, the "rebel". He drowns in vag. Lots of guys hate him and lots want to be him

Denny. Fucking weird kid. Sits at the back at the class, calling people shit like "conformists" and shit like that. No friends
I take back what I said about Denny. This is his only friend, Carlo. Together, they talk about weird shit that most people wouldn't want to hear in a million years, let alone in public
Looks like he could be related to Denny. Is just like him, and Denny wants to make him into an exact clone. Goes by Ronny
Fuck, I don't know. Goes by a random name like Juice or some shit. Annoys everyone with sarcastic remarks, but actually kinda smart

Janice. Smoker, definitely. Hates everyone, friends with Denny and Carlo, maybe likes Juice but doesn't want to admit it
And by like, she probably wants to fuck him. Or Denny
Chauntal. Fucking hates the other chick, Janice. Also wants either Denny's or Juice's dick
Really weird. Belinda. The quieter of the three, possibly the stupidest
Close to Juice. Possibly related. If a guy: Gil. Girl: Gina

Chika. Weird as fuck, but usually quiet
The main goth looking kid. Something tough like Brutus for a name. Complete dick to everyone except to the other goth looking kids. Well, sometimes a dick to them
Quiet one of the guys with the goths. Slightly psychotic, goes by Hubert. Plans on murdering everyone
Foreign. Goes by Pixie. Hangs with the goths (which there are a lot of by the way). Tries to fit in