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Merchantfuse Intro

Published Jan 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A network that connects
retail and wholesale

How do buyers find new products today?
Trade shows


Comp Shopping


Receive Proposals

How do vendors find new customers today?
Trade shows

Personal referrals

Cold Calls/Emails

Sales Reps

This is looking for a .

Turns out that is the perfect item,

but the buyer has no idea it even exists!

How wil she it?

Let’s look at an example

She searches but finds them difficult to

use for product search. She goes to the but there

are over 2800 exhibitors at the show! She only has time

to visit a handful of them. She visits competitors and

scours looking for but the company

that sells the lamp is young and emerging.

is a nice product, but are not

returning calls or emails. The company spent

to get a booth at and hired a sales

representative that takes a 10% commission .

What about the seller?

Don’t fret! The seller found and listed

their company on it for a fraction of the cost to exhibit at

a trade show. The buyer also found ,

searched for and found . She can now

easily search for products and filter through wholesale

vendors by specific criteria. Next week she will log-on to

search for products that are .

The first and only centralized database
that enables retailers and vendors to search
for and connect with each other.

We are starting in home products and housewares
focusing on small and mid-sized retailers
and vendors that sell to those companies.

Some of the Companies We’ve Consulted With

Retailers: Perform Detailed Vendor Search

Retailers: View Vendor Profile

Retailers: View Products

Vendors: Perform Detailed Retailer Search

Vendors: View Retailer Profile

Vendors: View Products & Send Proposal

“The concept of MerchantFuse has great potential.”
-Jeff Siegel, CEO Lifetime Brands
“Streamlining any process between vendors and retailers would be very welcome indeed.”
-Ira Neimark, Former CEO Bergdorf Goodman
“Please keep us updated.
It is a very good idea.”
-Chase Hoyt, CEO Wine Doctor

30 companies have
already signed up!
"I love what you have shown me."
-Scott Steele, Sales California Clock Company

Development Phases
Searchable database (Launch Fall 2012)

Add features to streamline paperwork, credit checks, product specs, and supplier reviews.

Introduce wholesale e-commerce marketplace.(mid-2014)

Always free for retailers

Revenue from vendors:
Sign up fees
Subscription for premium accounts
Commission on wholesale transactions


Email, phone, and web marketing

Partner with trade associations

Walk trade shows, make new contacts

Incentivize users to share experience within professional networks

Daniel Merns – Founder & CEO
Worked at Bed Bath & Beyond as assistant buyer for 3+ years. Family background in retail business (apparel). BA Trinity College 2006, MBA Columbia Business School 2012.
Zaki Aziz – Co-founder & CTO
Former CTO of, studied computer science at SUNY Stony Brook 2007-2011.