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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

PoPS: Pictures of Piaget’s StagesHere are actual drawings done by children around the world of varying ages/stages Working in teams of 2, use visual clues such as form quality, proportion, & degree of abstraction, try to place each artist in one of Piaget’s 4 cognitive stages

The StagesPiaget’s 4 stages of cognitive development•Sensorimotor (0-2) – “Explorer” –Object permanence by 8 months –Leads to separation anxiety & peek-a-boo fun! •Preoperational (2-6) – “Politician” –Language development –Egocentric (e.g., 3 mountains task) •Concrete Operations (7-11) – “Accountant” –Math/science (e.g., conservation) –Kids stop believing in Santa •Formal Operations (12+) – “Psychologist” –Abstract thinking and morals

1. Canada: “Mommy and Me”

2. Brazil: “Airport”

3. Liberia: “Homeland”

4. Russia: “Butterflies”

5. USA: “mfgth?!”

6. Spain: “Angel”

7. UK: “Horses”

8. Finland: “Mommy and Me”

9. USA: “Baby”

10. USA: “My House”

11. Bulgaria: “Momi”

12. New Guinea: “Cow”