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The Quest for the Missing Duck an introduction to using the Library.ppt

Published Aug 7, 2014 in Education
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An intro-duck-tion to finding information in the Library

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Huey, Louie & Melvil Dewey in:an introduction to using the LibraryThe Quest for the Missing Duck

Back in time you shall go!Trapped for eternity in the resting place of the second ruler of the Fourth Dynasty! He who ruled from MemphisUnder the patronage of the deity Khnum!

000  General works, Computer Science and Information 100  Philosophy and Psychology200  Religion300  Social Sciences400  Language500  Pure Science600  Technology700  Arts & Recreation800  Literature900  History & GeographyThe Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System (named after me) is one of the most commonly used library classification systems in the world. It is broken up into 10 sections from General Knowledge at the 000s to History & Geography in the 900s

This is done so that it is easier to find information in one place, rather than running all over the library to find several sources of information. Every book has a label with its classification number written on the spine of the book.

When searching a library catalogue you can use an author’s name, the book title or key words if you are looking for a specific subjectKEY WORD:A key word is a significant word used in an index or in a catalogue

Remember toalways check the catalogue or ask a Librarian before you run off to find your information

Where to begin?Wait here I will look up Memphis in the encyclopaedia

According to the book on Ancient Egypt, the 2nd ruler of the 4th Dynasty was Khufu (aka Cheops) and he was buried in the Great Pyramid at Giza

Come on let’s see if Dewey can help us recover DeweyOkay!

So we have found out where in time and space he is but how will we get him back to here and now?Do not worry! I have called a doctor who makes house callsHow can a Doctor help us?

Well back again! Sorry we are a bit late – ran into a spot of bother but all is well. Your brother was a bit quietYou were too late! He is mummified!

Relax Librarian and Ducks here he is!The Doctor never lets you down! Thank you so much Doctor!

Huey, Dewey, Louie & Magica de Spell are owned by the Walt Disney CorporationThe Doctor and the TARDIS are owned by the BBCThe 10th & 11th Doctor artwork is by Charles P. Daly CPD-91 on DeviantartNo copyright infringement is intended