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Richard Shamoon

Published Jun 28, 2016 in Business & Management
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Richard Shamoon is considered one of the most successful professional sales persons. He is a sales manager for a roofing and construction company. He used to be a sales manager for a Chrysler car dealership in Canada.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Greater ChoicesHere Richard Shamoon Shared some experience which are important to know in today’s market. The world economy has changed. Enterprises in many countries now have the ability to compete globally. In many sectors, supply exceeds demand. Consumers faced with greater choices have become more cost- and value-conscious, and are turning to alternative sources for products and services. Consumers are also demanding improved quality.

Richard ShamoonThese conflicts exist because traditional cost accounting practices do not always consider the hidden costs of (poor) quality. For example, an executive in the computer industry once observed, “If you catch a faulty two cent resistor before you use it and throw it away, you lose two cents.” However, if you don’t find it until it has been soldered into a sub-assembly, it may cost $10 to repair the part. And if you don’t catch it until it is in the computer, the expense may be well in excess of the manufacturing costs. For more details visit.

Richard ShamoonThe supervisor Richard Shamoon working in a profitable company today will tell you how important quality is to its bottom line. It is a simple fact that without a high level of quality, the company’s days are numbered. Manufacturing plants and service organizations, large or small, throughout the country and world have embraced a quality-minded philosophy. Competitive, world-class organizations are committed to producing high-quality products and providing high-quality services.

While management may implement quality management programs, it is not always committed to them. Management shows signs of its commitment through its slogans, its talk throughout the organization about quality principles, the training it provides supervisors and employees, its continuous improvement teams (CITs), and other efforts.

By Richard Shamoon