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Published Mar 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Screen Media
Manufacturing and Engineering
Manufacturing Overview
Prepared by: Chris Cable
Date: September 11, 2012

Manufacturing Processes
Current Processes:
Open Cast Polyurethane (Thermoset)
Compression Molded Rubber

Ideal Processes:
LIM Polyurethane
Transfer Molded Rubber

Overview of Process
Custom Design
Metal Fab
Metal Prep
Rubber or PU
Finishing ops

Metal Fabrication

Blasting and Adhesive Application
Cleans the metal surface and improves the surface bonding of steel to elastomer.

Thermoset Polyurethanes (aka Open Cast)
Two Part Polymer System
MDI Polyester and Polyether

The Process -
Heated compression / Vulcanizing

Configurable screen tooling

Fixed Perimeters c/w Flexible Inserts

Quick set / release tooling

Shuttle System

Clicker press – flash removal

Finishing – Saw cutting


The Process -
Urethane Molding
Heated Tables – Open Cast

Fixed Perimeter Molds w/ Flexible Inserts

Urethane post cure
Our Urethanes must be conditioned at 160°F for 16 hours to maximize quality

Trimming – flash removal

Quality Control
Small aperture inspection

Product Variations and Tooling Storage

In-House Tool Shop

Mold capabilities

Best Practice
LIM Polyurethane Process

Fixed Tooling

Transfer / Injection Molded Rubber

Rubber – Current Tooling

New Tooling Design