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Published May 7, 2016 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Final MakePilot of Class DojoAliya Catanch-BradleyED677OL.1

Why Class Dojo?Communication with parents in many classrooms is almost non-existent.Classroom Management is an issue in several classroomsCulture and Climate in the classrooms are punitive. PBIS has very little effect on the climate based on lack of buy-in from teachers.Low-tech option. Technology unevenly disbursed throughout the building. Can be used on laptop or smartphone.Feedback from parents focused on lack of communication from teachers

How Teachers Were SelectedTechnology SurveyInformal Focus GroupSix teachers selected who never used Class Dojo before

Meet the ParticipantsTeacher One: 18 experience, novice technology user, taught in various school settings, very traditional, female teacherTeacher Two: 6 years experience, self assessed technology expert, taught only at this school, male teacherTeacher Three: 6 years experience, only at this school, moderate tech user, female teacherTeacher Four: First year teaching, female scholarTeacher Five: First year teaching femaleTeacher Six: ten years experience, various charter schools, freq. tech user, female teacher

Norming The ExperienceTeachers met and agreed on:positive and negative behaviorsParent Access to DojoConnecting it to PBISUsing on WhiteboardUsing the timer optionWeekly reports for parents 

Terms of the PilotSix WeeksWeekly teacher meetingsRollout at Interim ReportsOpen MindsRecording data on parents

On-Boarding ScholarsEach Scholar watched :How it Works

Mid-Way Check In…

Thus Far…GLOWSInformal parent feedback suggests parents love the communicationClass Dojo is user friendly – all teachers in the pilot use it daily, with some allowing students to design their own avatar etc..PBIS is not as subjective as the points are tied to the Class DojoPoints add transparency to the classroomGROWSIn the planning there was no norming for parent communicationOne parent banned based on comments after getting a text about undesired behaviorClassroom behaviors have not improved in classrooms that classroom management was an issue. It only enhanced order and structure in class rooms where it already exists.

This is an initiative that will connect classrooms to other classrooms – grade groups can set norms, themes (like karate belts… can be created across grades, PBIS can be tied to Dojo… connections to home are also highlighted. Parents are able to text teacher, know what’s happening in the classroom in real time, see patterns in behavior and rewards or punishments in school with potential to connect families with resources as trust is built with communication cycle.