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Published Apr 18, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

SehpathiNurturing Young MindsA product by Thinkersbin TechnologiesA product By thinkersbin Group

Team MembersSudeep GangalSnehanshu BasakA product By thinkersbin Group

Motive (Phase I): Classes VI-XIITo give a full solution to schools where all students, teachers, parents can collaborate with each other to return optimized outputs. Later we want to spread this initiative to rural areas where raising the level of education is the need of the hour.A product By thinkersbin Group

MethodologyA product By thinkersbin Group

Employee Wing RequiredData Entry and Answer Providing PeopleEarly investment of around 5K per monthMarketing TeamInvestment upto 10K per month + incentive on every deal.We can easily make up this money if the we keep on adding schools at the rate of 4 pm. We hope to add some 150 schools by June 2014 at an average of 12-13 schools a month.A product By thinkersbin Group

How much We chargeThe only thing we will be charging is Rs40-50 for a yearly subscription with a 25% increase in subscription fee every year.SMS being send to us from the customer will be free of cost*A product By thinkersbin Group

How much revenue we expectWe will be directly getting in revenue worth Rs40 for every subscription sold for Rs50. As we will be dealing directly with schools the amount collection is expected to be higher.From every SMS we send we will be targeting a earning of about 7p/SMSRevenue collection from other marketing, advertising and development facilities is Rs10L/yrA product By thinkersbin Group

Minimum Month wise Revenue Growth Projection1st Month: Rs1L 2nd Month: Rs2L3rd Month:Rs3L4th Month:Rs3L5th Month:Rs4L6th Month:Rs4LBy 1 yr: around 35L revenue Generation and we launch Phase 2. We hope to have a reach of about 1.5L students by June 2014. By 2nd Yr: Around 2cr revenue generation and 1st VC coming in with 5cr.A product By thinkersbin Group

Why I am saying such a high RevenueEven before we have begun working on this project we had direct links to some 1L students. We can anyway assume that at-least 25% of them will join us though I know the turn out will be much higher.Revenue on every student addition will be around 75% of the amount declared.(Rest 25% goes in the School fund and other commissions)The big area from where the earnings can be increased is Govt. Schools which will require just the initials of 1 person i.e. the education minister to get all students of a state under this program.There is a huge possibility to club all coaching institutes in this model as both advertisers and customers. This will create an extra leg in this whole model A product By thinkersbin Group

Expenses:Setup expenses:Development (Phase1) >> 75K- 80KLocal Server system >> 30K*Overhead costs >> 1L (this include office rent and 1-2 employee salary for 6 months)Total Investment Required: 1.5L*Can be brought in at a later stage. A product By thinkersbin Group

Income SourcesRegistrationReferralsAdvertisement: On site and SMSCollege referralsCoaching InstitutesA product By thinkersbin Group

Profit Quotient:Approx 50% of the revenue generated from registrationApprox 60% of the revenue generated from advertising.A product By thinkersbin Group

Problem QuotientFund Management in early daysTeam Built up (Have already tried to start it of with somebody but clearly had some monitory issues with him. He is currently in team but will be ousted out.)A product By thinkersbin Group

Why this is a dream ProjectThe best part is that the whole project can come into profitability at a very early stage as the investment required is very less.This project displays the potential within the ideaProfits and revenue generation can be clearly seenThis project is also inclined towards Social prospects. So getting funds via CSR will be a bit easier.A product By thinkersbin Group