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Published Feb 24, 2014 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

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Who We AreOur team consists of skilled professionals in network engineering, high level programming, copyright law, technical analysis, program management and most importantly…customer support. Remove Your Media is licensed, insured and maintains its own legal representation in the United States where DMCA legislation originated. We currently represent over 1,500 brands in the motion picture, broadcast television, animation and software entertainment industries.

Piracy Mitigation SolutionsInfringement Removal: Illegal Sites, Fraud, CyberLockers, P2P, Streaming, Blogs, Social Media, Auction and Paysites.Search Engine Enforcement: Bing/GoogleResearch, Revenue Recovery & EducationLegal: Civil subpoenas, Cease & Desists*, Law Enforcement & Traditional Litigation.Ad Network Termination, Merchant Abuse

The Piracy Plague The longer the licensees stand on the sidelines, the more their content is pirated and the greater the downward effect on the market price of their media. Failing to protect your production rights will compromise revenue impacting those who seek to do business on the internet. Stopping piracy is not a trivial task, however, Remove Your Media seeks to give filmmakers a fighting chance and remains a valuable asset in any organization’s anti-piracy department.

Basic Cost AnalysisTraditional Law Firm: $5,000 retainer then billed hourly. All “requests” or actions are billable.Remove Your Media: Zero retainer, One monthly scheduled fee and no billable hours. Remove Your Media is able to achieve more for less through Automation, Economies of Scale and Mass Notices.

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