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Published Jan 16, 2013 in Technology
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What are the great Causes for the Slow Computer?

A slow computer is probably the most common downside people have with their computers besides major hardware malfunctions. There are literally dozens of reasons your computer could be running slow, together with viruses, adware and spyware, hardware specifications, and a damaged operating system.


These sneaky very little bugs can get into your computer and extremely cause some harm. Worms, Trojan horses, email viruses, and logic bombs are just some varieties of viruses that can get into your pc. Sometimes a pandemic might simply corrupt data and files thus they're irreparable, and typically they may just muddy the waters of your computer to slow it down and become frustrating and aggravating for its operator


Adware and spyware are among the foremost annoying causes of a slow pc. The purpose of adware and spyware is to urge into a computer and eat up the pc's resources (slowing it down a lot) or stealing personal info. Adware conjointly tries to lure unsuspecting pc users to buy infected software to safeguard it from viruses that do not exist. Spyware and adware take up a lot of space, and create a laptop into a slow pc in a very matter of a few minutes to an hour.

Hardware Problems
Slow computers usually have no problem which will be blamed on an artless hacker or adware/spyware bug. The number one downside that isn't linked to the higher than 2 things is that of low memory. RAM (random access memory) can be stuffed up generally and cause the pc to run abundant slower than traditional.

Broken Operating System
Any operating system with enough use and abuse can become damaged. If you are finding blue screens or warning screens at boot up that warn you concerning file harm or loss, there's a smart bet that your operating system is inflicting your slow pc. This is Recommended Reading for getting the useful information on slow computer to know the facts of it.