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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Permitted UseAccess And NotesDocuments In The Cloud

Documents In The CloudPut your stuff in Dropbox and get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. A convenient and free desktop app makes the necessity to upload files or navigate to websites a thing of the past. Merely place files in the appropriate folder and all authorized users will have access.*Dropbox has advanced sharing and security features that allow users to decide what is shared and with whom.

Access & Notes:General NotesTo download the desktop app, simply follow the link: course, you will need a free account. To create an account, please visit:

Access & Notes:Naming FilesAlways make sure to save any file you work on to the same folder on your desktop app version of the shared folder. If you have an internet connection, this file will become the version available to other authorized users.PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE FILE WITH A DIFFERENT FILE NAME. Please select “Save As”, and then follow the naming convention below.The naming convention we will use is the original file name with the date and your initials. E.G., Original File = “Water Testing” and Harry edits the file on June 1, 2014….NEW FILE NAME = “Water Testing_6_1_2014_HS”

Permitted Use:Security and MaintenancePlease do not delete files or overwrite them. Use the naming convention to demark the most recent version. For very important files, please also save these to your local hard drive (e.g., not in the Dropbox folder) for additional protection…accidents happen.Please do not include sensitive information in the files uploaded, e.g., credit card information (should we ever start taking credit cards).Please do not grant access to any individuals outside the RLA board. If necessary, we can set up a folder for sharing with vendors. I will happily grant access to this folder to approved partners.Please do not use the Dropbox folders for any non-RLA related data storage. If necessary, you can set up a personal sharing folder through your own account.

Permitted Use:Committee and General Board FoldersUsing committee specific folders makes sense and will only be viewable to those members. General Board Members can access a shared folder for all broader information and for summaries of the committees work.As a matter of privacy, I suggest we include membership rosters (they are on the beach anyway)…but refrain from disclosing how much money people have paid, even at the Board level.

General ReflectionsDropbox is a well accepted tool used by both large and small businesses. While security may from time to time be a concern, if it is good enough for profit oriented companies, it is certainly good enough for the RLA.This will enable easier access to shared documents, real time updating, and the ability to transfer more sizable files than email will accommodate.There are a number of alternative services which may be better fits for our needs and I will continue to vet out these options as time permits (Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive,, etc…).