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madoka magica

Published Jan 16, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A Guide to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
or pullea magi madoka magica whatever the shit
pst there's a lot of spoilers

this bitch is Kaname Madoka
look at how fucking kawaii she is
damn son you can't contain this kawaii
she's p much the main character
like everyone is a lesbian for her
she's like nice as hell though like wow
always thinking of friends and shit
she becomes a goddess too
that's cool right
basically everyone wants her to be a magical girl except for homura
moe moe desu motherfucker
dies a fuckin lot
uses a rose bow thing

well here we have Homura Akemi
turns out she was p moe but then madoka died like 903409329489 times
she uses a lot of weapons but i think her main one is bombs?? idk
really lesbian for madoka
hates kyuubey
a lot
First you really hate her then you want to hug her cause *~**~*tragic backstory~*~*~ that takes like a whole fuckin episode
became pulla magi for madoka
aw how sweet
had a heart condition/bad eyesight

this is Sayaka Miki
another lesbian
has a love/hate thing going on with kyoko
she's madoka's waifu
obv fights with swords
rly rly likes kyousuke
(she dies and its really emotional)
she goes insane and becomes a witch
really energetic
how the fuck do people make these entertaining
doesn't like homura
she becomes really distant after becoming a magical girl
still moe

and now we have Mami Tomoe
madoka and sayaka's senpai
seems to be in lesbians for madoka for a bit
dies in like fuckin episode 3 and you want to die
fuck you charlotte
is homura's mortal enemy
(homura stepped on her turf)
uses guns and shit
~*~**~TRIO FINALE~*~**~*~*
loves kyuubey
shes like 16 or some shit? i honestly have no idea
Her story is what its like to b a ~*~*TRU PULLEA MAGI!~**~
has kyuubey as like a pet or some shit

now this badass Kyoko Sakura
i think she fights with like spear things?? honestly i don't remember
she seems older than sayaka and madoka but who gives a shit when LESBIANS
seems to be really lesbian for sayaka
always trying to beat the shit out of everyone
she comes for mami's turf when mami dies
apparently the town is crawling with witches idk
(probably madoka's fault)
don't waste food or she'll kill you
dies with sayaka
has tragic backstory

this guy right here is Kyosuke Kamijou
sayaka is in love with him
so is hitomi
likes to play violin (a lot)
(he's p good at it tho)
becomes disabled in an accident
can't move his fingers/play violin ever again
oh no sayaka better waste her wish on him
this chick is Hitomi Shizuki
madoka and sayaka's friend
gets kissed by a witch and sayaka and madoka have to save her stupid ass
is in like all the class clubs
haha nerd
also i guess she's rich???
goes after kyosuke and wins him
what a slut
(that's how sayaka becomes a witch)
(nice going BITCH)
kyuubey doesn't even bother with her
is like never told about the magical girl shit
(she'd probably suck js)
kyoko suggests breaking all of his limbs
not a lesbian psch who needs her
She's in sayaka and madoka's class but that doesn't matter much cause fuck school when you can be ~**~ANIME*~*~
really emotional about the violin

look at this cute ass family
ok so madoka's family seemed relevant
this is the business woman mom
gets drunk a lot
really seems to like work
really wise and shit
is madoka's yoda basically
this is the stay at home dad
seems to like to cook
takes care of mom when she's drunk
i don't really know cause he's not really described much
idk he's cute and nice?? there we go
this kawaii motherfucker is the lil bro
he remembers madoka after she's erased from the universe and it's p sad in my opinion
tear tear madoka is so brave
he seems to be like 4 or 5

and now the main villain ~*~WALPURGIS NIGHT*~~*
or just walpurgis
or walpurgisnacht
she's the baddest witch out there
she came to fuck shit up
she basically kills everyone in almost all the timelines
madoka kills her w/one shot tho haha noob
according to the wiki shes made up of a ton of witches
but someone has a theory that she's actually homura in witch form?? how badass would that be
homura tends to know a lot about her seeing as how she's fought her like 938984509 times
kind of like that bitch from white day
she breathes fire that's pretty badass
she's like based on a carnival? idk
~~**~*legendary witch~*~**~*
kyoko was going to fight her with homura but then she died
oh well madoka's got you tomodachis

ok i saved this fucker for last
??? ?? ???
sure he's cute as shit but he like like satan
actually no he's more evil
makes contracts
doesn't tell you the full story cause its 'not important'
has no emotions
at all
fuck you kawaii bastard
he grants wishes but he sucks don't do it
god why does he have to be so fucking cute
not fair
asshole alien
he dies but then he reincarnates and eats his other dead body???
sick fuck
woah 2spooky

yeah thats it