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Published Jan 16, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Doctor Who
By: someone who has a best friend who is obsessed with it

The Doctor
He’s old but he’s not old
There’s a lot of him but they look different
He lives on a cloud

They Die.
Sometimes more than once

The Screwdriver thingy
Sorry it’s the sonic screwdriver
It’s like
A screwdriver
It’s like a sword?
I don’t
I don’t know
He fixes aliens who attack them

The blue mailbox
Okay now she remembers
It’s the TARDIS
It’s bigger on the inside
He lives in it
It travels through space I guess?

The show never ends
It’s really sad
And it makes people
emotionally confined
They get separated?
The ponds die too?
She died
And then they got
Isnt she a
Little bit
Old for him

The live in other planets
Sometimes the doctor
Goes there or they attack
And he has to fix it..
With his screwdriver?
But he’s kind of an alien?
Or something?
I don’t know
Weeping angels killed the ponds
Don’t blink or they’ll kill you
It doesn’t make sense
But that’s what happens
Oswin is a dalek?
How do you not know that!
Oh, I’m a monster and not
A human. It just never
Occurred to me.
You know it makes
No sense

I’m so confused
Where did she-
The milk and
(crying) I don’t understand emily
Why do you die
When you blink?
Like, no!
Do you just disapear?
Do you melt into the
When he changes like how does that happen?
Does he attack someone and like become them?
This is so confusing!
(Hi this is Emily now she’s crying
Of confusion)