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The Uses of Bathroom Remodeling Woodland Hills

Published Jan 24, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Redecorating Small Bathrooms
Small Bathroom Tips

Remodeling your Small Bathroom
Grand ideas for redecorating bathroom
Small bathroom
May not have the space necessary to realize your design dreams.
Many homeowners face this same dilemma when they’re redesigning their bathrooms.
From half-baths to three-quarter baths, many people don’t know how to best utilize their small bathroom’s space with design ideas.
However, just because the canvas is small doesn’t mean that you can’t paint a masterpiece on it!
Here are some of the top ideas for redecorating and designing your home’s small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #1: Use Lighter Paint Colors
Rich, dark colors work in bathrooms, but try to avoid them in small spaces.
It makes the room feel dark and closed off, and you should instead try to find colors that will make it feel open and airy.
Paint your half-bath in neutral colors like tan, light blue or light green to give it the effect of being more open and spacious than it actually is.
You may not have a ton of space in your small bathroom, but there are tips and tricks you can take to make it feel much bigger.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #2: Avoid Large Countertops and Vanities
If you’re building a new small bathroom or get rid of any space-consuming vanities or countertops.
install a small pedestal sink with a mirror or small wall cabinet hanging above it.
Keep your extra towels, medicine and hygiene supplies in a larger bathroom instead and save some space.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #3: New Tiles Go a Long Way
New bathroom floor tiles can make your small bathroom feel bigger
Lighter color with a smaller pattern creates an impression of size
Change floor or hardware
Small aesthetic changes boost the overall look and impression of your bathroom while still being affordable

Small Bathroom Design Tip #4: Utilize Your Wall Space
Take advantage of the open wall space in your bathroom
hanging shelving to artwork,
use your walls and not floor space.
Remove cabinets and vanities at the ground level
Mount shelves or storage units on the wall practical yet stylish way to store